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Decker School of Nursing
Transfer or double degree

1. Nursing is an academically rigorous program that prepares future health care providers. It is a field that offers a variety of paths for self-fulfillment, an important role in society, excellent employment opportunities with very good pay, as well as a plethora of future advancement possibilities.

2. For further information regarding DSON please visit:

3. For DSON advising information please visit:

4. Please contact Sara Wozniak, DSON Student Services Director, prior to beginning a formal transfer process. Ms. Wozniak is happy to work with Scholars who wish to transfer into nursing so that the transfer to DSON is seamless.

Careers in Nursing:
Scholars considering transferring to, or a double degree with, DSON may want to take NURS110 to explore the option of a career in nursing. This course is offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

NURS 110 -Exploring Professional Nursing; Credit hours: 2
Description: Exploring Professional Nursing is a general elective course that serves as an introduction to the nursing profession through course content. Students will be provided with opportunities to explore the nursing profession through films, discussions and field trips. Students explore the nature and scope of nursing and the scholarly and intellectual skills necessary for success in the profession of nursing. In addition, this course introduces the student to campus resources, and provides instruction on how to develop skills in oral presentations, critical thinking, and time management. Standard nursing letter grade. Open to freshmen. Format may vary by sections: Lecture, discussion, demonstrations and practice, guest presenters, student-led group presentations

1. Speak with Sara Wozniak, DSON Student Services Director, (this is mandatory) and relevant faculty (optional) from DSON.
2. The deadline to apply is March 15 of the freshman year.  Your application will not be considered until fall grades (and in some cases spring grades) are posted.
4. Instructions and an application form are available at the following link. The form must be submitted by March 15 to obtain the guarantee.
5. As soon as the required form is submitted at the URL above, then immediately email Professor Ziegler and provide
    a. Your full formal name
    b. B-number
    c. Email
    d. Current GPA as stated on your transcript
    e. Current degree program (state "undeclared" if applicable)
    f. Desired degree program
    g. Indicate if you wish to enroll in a double degree or double major and list both majors/degrees
    h. Name of advisor you spoke to in DSON (this is required to ensure you understand where you will stand in the new curriculum)

Last Updated: 3/22/19