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Binghamton University Scholars Program $3,500 Award:
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Summer Research and Creative Activities Option

How to Participate

  • The student submits a proposal to the Summer Scholars and Artists Program (SSAP) Office that includes a project rationale, a plan of work to be completed, and a letter of recommendation/endorsement from a faculty mentor who will supervise the project.
  • Proposals are reviewed by a SSAP Committee to confirm that they are feasible and intellectually rich.  The review process is competitive. 
  • The SSAP Office will notify the student whether or not the proposal has been accepted.  Only accepted proposals are eligible for the $3500 Scholars Award.

Application Instructions:

  • Click here to apply to the SSAP.
    • The deadline to apply to the SSAP is in early February each year.
  • To apply for the $3,500 Scholars Award
    • Do not apply for the Scholars Award until you have received written notification from the SSAP indicating that your proposal was accepted.
    • Login to B-Engaged
      • Locate the Binghamton University Scholars Program organization page
      • Under "Forms", select "Scholars $3,500 Award Application"
      • You will be asked to submit (upload) a copy of the written notification from the SSAP (a photo of the notice is acceptable) indicating your proposal was accepted. 
  • Please see the Financial Considerations section below for payment detail
Financial Considerations
  • An eligible Scholar selected to participate in the Summer Scholars and Artists Program will receive the $3,500 split into two payments (two checks will be issued); the first payment is typically made immediately preceding the start of the project and the second payment is typically made near the middle of the project.  Note that this award is not a financial aid award and the payments will not appear in any financial aid documents.
  • Scholars participating in the SSAP are required to use the $3,500 Scholars Award. Students who have already received the $3,500 Scholars Award for any of the three options may still apply to the SSAP as part of the general student population  and if accepted will receive additional funding of $3,500 through the SSAP office. 
  • The Undergraduate Research Center is responsible for processing all payroll information and payments to those selected to participate in the SSAP.  Please contact that office for payment inquiries. 
  • All costs associated with this activity are the responsibility of the participating student.
  • If credit is being earned, then the student is responsible for tuition and related costs as well.
  • Scholars receiving the $3,500 Scholars Award for the SSAP are not eligible to apply for the Scholars Study Abroad Award or Scholars Internship Award. Scholars may still participate in those programs, but a second $3,500 award is prohibited.
  • Students receiving any portion of the award, but not completing the project will be expected to return the award. 

Last Updated: 2/5/19