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1. Summer Research or Creative Activities

Scholars who wish to use their $3500 award for research or creative inquiry can do so by applying to the Summer Scholars and Artists Program (SSAP) in which students design their own project and conduct research or other creative activity over eight-to-ten weeks in the summer with the support of a faculty mentor. Research and creative activities that are not affiliated with the SSAP are not eligible for the Scholars Award.

Program Description and Restrictions

  • Students work closely with (and are mentored by) a Binghamton University faculty member.
  • Students participate in Summer Scholars and Artists meetings and programming unless travel related to the experience prohibits them from attending.
  • Students and faculty mentors write mid-term and final reflections on their work.
  • Students present to each other and the campus community through Research Days and promote research with the Undergraduate Research Center.

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2. Education Abroad Opportunities

The Office of International Education and Global Initiatives (IEGI) provides excellent education abroad opportunities for Scholars who wish to use their $3,500 award to participate in an education abroad program. You may choose from more than 60 programs in 30 countries through Binghamton University or from hundreds of program options through other SUNY campuses.

Program Description and Restrictions:

  • The program must be administered by Binghamton University or any other SUNY campus.
  • International Education and Study Abroad programs at non-SUNY institutions are not eligible for the $3,500 Scholars Award.
  • The experience must be a semester-long or summer/winter intersession program.
  • The following international activities are excluded from the award:
    • An excursion during spring break
    • Travel that is a component of a domestic-based course 
    • Any other international travel not affiliated with a SUNY campus or not earning a minimum of three credit hours.
  • The education abroad program must be for a minimum of 3 credits.

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3. Summer Session or Winter Session Internship Experience

Internship experiences can serve various purposes. For students developing their interests, an internship can help increase awareness of the many different kinds of organizations related to "the world of work," build early professional experience and sometimes help students discover what they don't want to do. For others with more defined career interests, an internship can help a student apply knowledge in work settings and gain professional experience needed to be competitive for employment while further developing a professional network.

Program Description and Restrictions:


  • The CDCI academic internship program offered by Binghamton's Fleishman Career Center
  • A departmental internship course offered by the student's academic department at Binghamton University. For information regarding internships coordinated through an academic department, please contact the Undergraduate Director or Department Chair of the sponsoring department.

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Last Updated: 11/4/20