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National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC) Fellowship

Applicants should have research experience in one of the following fields: Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Materials Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, or in related engineering fields such as Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical.

NPSC welcomes applications from all qualified students, with continued emphasis on the recruiting of underrepresented minorities and women. Applicants must be graduating seniors, in their first year of a graduate program pursuing a PhD, be in a terminal master's program. Persons who already possess a doctoral degree in any field are ineligible.Up to $20,000 stipends for students working to earn a doctoral degree in he physical sciences, biochemistry, computer science, and related fields of science and engineering. The initial phase of the Traditional Fellowship covers the first two or three years of graduate school, depending on the employer who sponsors the fellowship, with the possibility of continuation for several more years providing all the conditions of the fellowship continue to be met. The maximum total duration is six years.


early November

Application Procedure:
Student applies directly

Eligible to Apply:

Undergraduate: Senior

Graduate: At any level

Award Type:
Scholarship / Fellowship

Award Period:
Academic Year (Graduate)
Summer (Graduate)

Disciplines / Areas of Study or Interest:
Math, Science, Engineering, Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Materials Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics

Additional Qualifications:
US citizen

Last Updated:
July 12, 2018

Last Updated: 9/12/17