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CIA Graduate Scholarship Program

The Graduate Scholarship Program is a financial needs based initiative that offers graduate students an unmatched experience in a diverse and inclusive environment. Graduate students, serving as scholarship recipients with the CIA, attend an accredited college/university on a full-time basis and work during summer breaks at the CIA.

While working at the CIA, you will be exposed to intelligence challenges while performing meaningful work that relates to your college major.

Applicants should be entering either their first or second year of graduate studies when applying to CIA’s Graduate Scholar Program.

selected as a scholarship recipient, you will receive a wide array of benefits, including:Tuition assistance up to $18,000 per calendar year for tuition, mandatory fees and books, daily allowance for meals and incidentals during summer tours,reimbursement for transportation costs between school and Washington, DC, annual salary, health insurance, life insurance, federal retirement plans, paid time off, as well as sick and holiday leave.

Because the CIA invests in scholarship recipients, accepting an offer means continued employment with the CIA for a specified timeframe. You are required to work at the CIA after college graduation for a period equal to 1.5 times the length of the college sponsorship you received from the CIA. Students who leave earlier are required to reimburse the US government for their tuition. All positions require relocation to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area during summer work tours.


July 31

Application Procedure:
Student applies directly

Eligible to Apply:

Undergraduate: Senior

Graduate: First Year Graduate Student, Masters Student, PhD Student

Award Type:
Scholarship / Fellowship

Award Period:
Academic Year (Graduate)
Summer (Graduate)

Disciplines / Areas of Study or Interest:
Open to all fields

Additional Qualifications:
U.S. Citizen, Demonstrated financial need, min. 3.0 GPA

Last Updated:
July 9, 2018

Last Updated: 9/12/17