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Jackson Laboratory Summer Student Research Program

The Summer Student Program is designed for students who want to immerse themselves in genetics and genomics research. It emphasizes laboratory discovery, communication of knowledge, and professional growth.

Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchers, other students, and parents.

Every year, a diverse group of 48 undergraduate and high school students are chosen from all over the United States. They are able to meet and connect with research-focused students from different backgrounds who quickly form a community of motivated science scholars.

The Summer Student Program is available at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine and The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, Connecticut.

Admission is competitive, and students of all backgrounds are selected. All students receive a stipend of $5,250 for the 10-week program, including room and board at Highseas (Maine program) or at the University of St. Joseph's (Connecticut program). The cost of round-trip travel between the student's home and the Laboratory is also provided.

At the time of participation in the program, a college student must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student and have at least one semester of undergraduate school remaining before graduation.


early February

Application Procedure:
Student applies directly

Eligible to Apply:

Undergraduate: At any level

Graduate: None

Award Type:

Award Period:
Summer (Undergraduate)

Disciplines / Areas of Study or Interest:
Math, science, engineering

Additional Qualifications:
US citizen or permanent resident

Last Updated:
July 18, 2018

Last Updated: 9/12/17