Food Pantry

Welcome to the Binghamton University Food Pantry!

Welcome to the Binghamton University Food Pantry, member of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier and CHOW.  We are a temporary, judgment-free place for students facing hard times, such as running short of money for the month or other emergency situations.

If students find themselves needing more long-term assistance, they are encouraged to take advantage of the services offered by the CARE Team in the Office of the Dean of Students

Pantry access

To lessen the risk of exposure and ensure the safety of students and the staff, the pantry uses an online ordering process. Students can place an order once a week and pick up their pre-bagged items at the Food Pantry in the Iroquois Commons/CIW Dining Hall, first level (just above the steps leading down to the dining hall).

The pantry is located across from The Union and Union bus stop (see our map for exact location). Walk through Lot Q and up the driveway. The entrance to the Iroquois Commons is under the bridge on the left. Once inside, come up the ramp and the pantry is just above the steps that lead down to the dining hall.

Why we offer a pantry

Food insecurity has increasingly become an issue on college and university campuses and can pose a significant barrier to student success. Many students come to campus with limited resources and little experience managing their needs. Hunger makes it difficult to study, sleep or engage in academics and social activities at the same level as peers. If our students' physiological needs aren't being met, it ultimately decreases the chances of them meeting their full potential and their overall experience at Binghamton University. The pantry is equipped to provide a variety of food and personal care items for our students in need.

Closed Aug. 1 -12

The Food Pantry will be closed beginning Monday, Aug. 1 through Friday, Aug. 12. The pantry will reopen on Monday, Aug. 15. Orders may be placed starting at 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 12. 

The online ordering form is available starting Friday at 5 p.m. for ordering the following week. We request students fill out the order form at least 24 hours prior to pickup. The form will ask you to specify the day you will be picking up.

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Food Pantry  

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