Mandatory online ordering

Our online ordering form, linked below, will require students’ first name (for pickup purposes), B number and a choice of day/time for pickup. Food pantry staff will bag the items and have them ready at the requested pickup time.

Please submit your order AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the pickup day you request on the form. Note: You will NOT receive a confirmation or reminder of the date and time you requested to pick up, so make sure to alert your calendar on the date and time you selected. The online ordering form will be available each Friday beginning at 5 p.m. for the following week’s orders. This allows us to make any changes or updates to the form based on the current inventory.

If the online ordering process does not meet your needs for adequate food, you may request an appointment to personally shop in the pantry by emailing us at Hours will be determined based on your schedule and Food Pantry staff availability.

Email us if you are unable to pick up your items or have any questions. We appreciate your cooperation.

REMINDER: The campus food pantry is not a grocery store. We exist to serve those who are encountering financial hardship, emergency food shortages or other pressing personal issues that prevent the purchase of, or access to, sufficient amounts of food. We ask that our service be used selectively and only when needed. If you would like information about other emergency food access options or budgeting resources, visit our resources page.