Newsletter Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Newsletter Topics:

This is the second of semesterly updates planned by the Title IX Office. Below are news and updates including recent activities that engaged with the campus community.

1.  50th Anniversary of Title IX

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX passing into law.  Title IX became federal law on June 23, 1972.  It prohibits sex discrimination in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.  Also, Title IX supports students who may be victims of harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault.  Although one may think of Title IX as it relates to college athletics (which it still does), it also prohibits sex-based discrimination in education, as well as providing protections for pregnant students.  Title IX protects all students from sex-based discrimination regardless of their sex, gender, or gender identity.  In honor of Title IX’s 50th Anniversary, during the week of June 20th the Bartle library tower will be lit blue in the evening.

2.  SUNY Title IX Coordinators Association (STIXCA)

On June 8th both Andrew Baker and Amy Zieziula had the opportunity to virtually attend the SUNY Title Coordinators Association (STIXCA) Conference.  Guest speakers at the conference included, James L. Jarvis from State University of New York (SUNY) Office of General Counsel, Michelly Peña from the SUNY Student Conduct Institute, and Gemma Rinefierd from SUNY System Administration.  The closing speaker was Professor Kristine Newhall from SUNY Cortland, and her session was titled, "Title IX at 50: A sociocultural peek into what we’re doing and where we’re going".  

3.  The Violence, Abuse & Rape Crisis Center (VARCC)  

The Violence, Abuse & Rape Crisis Center (VARCC) has been open for over a year now, and we are all thrilled to continue to see the center grow and increase its offerings for victims and survivors of interpersonal violence.  This upcoming fall semester the VARCC will be offering expanded office hours. Also, we are excited to welcome Shaina Wilson, the new confidential advocate from Crime Victims Assistance Center (CVAC) to the VARCC Team.  Shaina is replacing Haley Murphy who is now the Assistant Director of Education and Training at CVAC.  

4.  Informal Resolution Process

Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, an additional option will be available to students involved in a Title IX Grievance Policy or Student Conduct process – Informal Resolution.  Informal Resolution is an additional way to resolve complaints that does not involve a full, formal hearing, provided that all parties (complainant, respondent, and the University) can agree on an outcome.   This addition follows recommendations in the Husch and Blackwell report from 2021.  The Title IX Office will be collaborating with the Office of Student Conduct to create a short presentation with additional information about informal resolution during this summer.  Anyone wishing to learn more can contact Title IX Coordinator Dr. Andrew Baker at 607-777-2486 or to request a presentation.

5.  Presentations

During the spring 2022 semester the Title IX Office continued to engage community members in training including ongoing training for recently hired student and professional Residential Life staff, CARE Team staff, and nearly 100 Physical Facilities summer hires.  The office also presented to the BU Interfaith Council, the Personal Safety Advisory Committee, and the University Center for Training and Development.  Anyone interested in a presentation from the Title IX Office can contact Title IX Coordinator Dr. Andrew Baker at 607-777-2486 or .

6.  New Title IX Rulemaking

The federal government released new proposed changes to Title IX in June of this summer.  Proposed changes to Title IX may be found here.  The proposed changes are now open for public comment and review.  The Title IX Office has begun to review the proposed changes, but does not anticipate for new Title IX regulations to be finalized for another academic year.