Reporting Obligations for Employees

Reporting Obligations for Employees

Ideally, students would bring Title IX complaints directly to the Title IX Coordinator or other high-level administrators with the power to address Title IX complaints. In reality, students often start with people they know and trust, including coaches, professors, advisors, and residence hall staff.

Because of this, any employee* who receives information about a Title IX complaint must report it.  This report is helpful in that it ensures that a student receives outreach, support and appropriate referrals (if the student chooses to do so).  

*Exceptions: employees who are confidential, such as UCC Counselors, Decker Health Services, University Ombudsman, Interfaith Council and Harpur’s Ferry.

Disclosures often happen in conversations with trusted individuals and/or during times when relevant topics are being discussed (such as trauma, abuse, etc).  We often think that a student may share with us an incident that just occured; however, oftentimes a student may disclose an incident that happened several months or years ago.

We want to be honest about what survivors can expect from us. If we can, it is best to remind students of our reporting obligations before they share experiences. Here is one way to approach that type of situation: 

  • “I am not sure if this is related to what you want to share, but I wanted to remind you I am a private not a confidential resource. If you would rather talk to a confidential resource I am happy to connect you to one. I just want you to know all your options.” 

Sometimes students share information before we have a chance to remind them of our reporting obligations, here is one way to approach that type of situation:

  • “ I appreciate you trusting me with this. I care about you and want to make sure you get the best support. I am required to report this information, so they can make sure you are offered all your options.” 

You may also want to tell the student what they can expect.  Here is one way to approach that type of situation:

  • “Thank you for trusting me with this information.  I know this must be difficult for you to share with others.  Please know that since I am required to share this information, after I do so, you will receive an outreach email with resources for you, and an opportunity to meet with an advocate.  It is your choice how you respond to this email.” 
Once an incident has been report to you, the following is required:

Offices to report to:  

  • Title IX Office: Andrew Baker, 607-777-2486  OR Amy Zieziula, 607-777-3214 (both these phone numbers are private voicemails)
  • CARE Team: 607-777-2804, and you may ask to speak to the Advocate, Anna Jantz

How to report:  

What to report:  

  • If known, the following must be reported:  students’ names involved, date of incident, location, and a description of what was shared with you.

If you are not sure if an incident meets the threshold for reporting obligations feel free to consult with the Title IX Office for further assistance.