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About the Program

The Smart Energy Scholars Program is a scholarship program funded by the National Science Foundation designed to assist low income, academically talented students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in chemistry, physics, or mechanical engineering. Scholars have access to a network of like-minded colleagues and advanced professionals. Through weekly seminars, program participants expand their knowledge of cutting-edge research and practice in smart energy related industries. They also engage in targeted professional development including guidance for internship, research, and job opportunities throughout their university career and beyond.

Smart energy solutions represent an inherently interdisciplinary challenge; our team includes experts from chemistry, physics, engineering, and materials science who focus on four main thrusts: energy generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, and the developing area of toxicity testing of energy-related materials. Students can explore specialized courses and research topics related to: making solar power more economically feasible, reducing the thermal energy output of electronic devices, new mechanisms for energy storage in high capacity batteries and fuel cells, and state-of-the-art multiscale modeling of materials with applications in energy transport, energy storage, energy harvesting, and electronics. Through the study of smart energy, students will apply fundamental scientific and engineering principles to areas of societal need related to our world's energy demand.

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