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If you post for Binghamton...

Be transparent.

If you participate in or maintain a social media site on behalf of the university, clearly state your role and goals. Discuss with your supervisor when you are empowered to respond directly to users and when you may need approval.

Be connected.

If you have been authorized by your supervisor to create an official Binghamton social media site or a video for posting in locations such as YouTube, please contact Ryan Yarosh at Binghamton University’s Office of Communications and Marketing for an approved logo and other images. This is also to ensure coordination with other Binghamton sites and content.

Be respectful.

As a Binghamton University employee, you understand the university’s commitment to complete respect for the dignity of others and to the civil and thoughtful discussion of opposing ideas. Some online communities can be volatile, tempting users to behave in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. Your reputation, and Binghamton University’s, are best served when you remain above the fray.

Be thoughtful.

If you have any questions about whether it is appropriate to write about certain kinds of material in your role as a Binghamton University employee, ask your supervisor before you post.

Know the rules.

Become familiar with the terms of service and policies of sites and networks in which you participate. Pay attention to updates. If the legal language is hard to follow, follow a respected blogger or two who discuss service changes in their posts.

Keep your personal views separate.

Uphold the university’s mission and values, including its position as the premier public university of the northeast, in your posts. Don’t include political comments or comments on social issues except in support of positions Binghamton has already taken. This includes changes to your photo or avatar in relation to political or social issues.

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Last Updated: 9/28/10