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Frederic C. Deyo


Deyo's research has focused on economy and society in Asia, including labor systems, labor movements, employment structures, and social policy. His theoretical approach is rooted in critical institutionalism, as most prominently developed in the writings of Karl Polanyi, social structures of accumulation theory, and regulation theory. His most recent book dealt with the implications of economic reform for the employment and social livelihood of workers in Thailand, China, the Philippines, and South Korea. He is currently researching the impact of institutional and political transformations of American and world capitalism for American workers.


  • PhD, University of Chicago
  • MA, University of California at Berkeley
  • BA, Yale University

Research Interests

  • Economy and Society in Asia

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Selected Publications:

  • Reforming Asian Labor Systems: Economic Tensions and Worker Dissent. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2012.
  • "Reform and Institutional Change in East Asian Labour Markets." In Andrew Walter and Xiaoke Zhang, eds. East Asian Capitalism: Diversity, Continuity, and Change. UK: Oxford University Press, 2012.
  • "Addressing the Development Deficit of Competition Policy: The Role of Economic Networks." In Michael Dowdle, Imelda Maher, and John Gillespie, eds. Competition, Regulation, and Capitalism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae