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Michael O. West


  • PhD, MA, Harvard University
  • BA, Lake Forest College

Research Interests

  • Social Movements
  • Africana Studies

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Selected Publications:

  • “Little Rock as America: Hoyt Fuller, Europe, and the Little Rock Racial Crisis of 1957,” Journal of Southern History, 78, 4 (2012): 913-942.
  • “The African Middle Class in Zimbabwe: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.” In The Making of the Middle Class: Toward a Transnational History, edited by A. Ricardo Lopez and Barbara Weinstein. Durham: Duke University Press, 2012: 45-57.
  • “Whose Black Power?: The Business of Black Power and Black Power’s Business.” In The Business of Black Power: Community Development, Capitalism, and Corporate Responsibility in Postwar America, edited by Laura Warren Hill and Julia Rabig. Rochester: Rochester University Press, 2012: 274-303.
  • “China, Africa and the Bandung Idea, Then and Now,” Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy, 3, 1 (2014): 111-123.
  • “Kwame Nkrumah and Ali Mazrui: An Analysis of the 1967 Transition Debate,” Journal of Pan African Studies, 8, 6 (2015): 122-140.
  • “Introduction” Turkish translation of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa [Avrupa Afrika’yi Nasil Geri Birakti] (Ankara: Dipnot Yayinlari, 2015), pp. 9-27.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae