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Richard E. Lee


Richard E. Lee concentrates on the study of long-term, large-scale social change from the world-systems perspective. He is the Director of the Fernand Braudel Center and Editor of Review. His research focuses on the long-term intellectual and disciplinary structures of knowledge formation, in writings that range across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities; his latest project considers the role of music in the reproduction of the capitalist world-economy.


  • PhD, MA, MM, Binghamton University
  • BA, University of Texas at San Antonio

Research Interests

  • World-systems Analysis
  • Structures of Knowledge
  • Cultural/Science Studies
  • Music of Historical Capitalism


  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Hartford

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Selected Publications:

“Lessons of the Longue Durée: The Legacy of Fernand Braudel.” Historia Crítica (69, July-September, 2018), 69-76.

“The Library of Congress of the United States: An Institutional Trajectory in the Geopolitics of Culture.” Review (XXXVIII, 3, 2015), 177-203.

“The Modern World-System: Its Structures, Its Geoculture, Its Crisis and Transformation.” Immanuel Wallerstein and the Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture, edited by David Palumbo-Liu, Bruce Robbins and Nirvana Tanoukhi (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2011), 27-40.

Knowledge Matters: The Structures of Knowledge and the Crisis of the Modern World-System (Brisbane, Aus.: Queensland University Press, 2010; New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 2011).

Life and Times of Cultural Studies: The Politics and Transformation of the Structures of Knowledge (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2003).

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae