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The program relies on close working relations between faculty and students and is, therefore, kept relatively small. Applicants are expected to have a superior academic record and an informed interest in pursuing advanced studies in the Department of Sociology at Binghamton University. The program is as demanding intellectually as it is flexible structurally, and adequate preparation is indispensable. Nonetheless, prior work in a department of sociology is not essential. Preparation, for instance, in history, geography, economics, anthropology, philosophy or political science may be just as appropriate. A working knowledge of modern languages can be especially useful. Admissions are based on a variety of criteria. Students must submit appropriate samples of their writing that they consider indicative of their scholarly promise. Students are also asked to submit a carefully framed statement that addresses why they specifically want to come to Binghamton and spell out the directions they anticipate developing in their work while here. In addition, letters of recommendation, transcripts and appropriate standardized test scores (GRE and, if needed, TOEFL/IELTS/PTE Academic) are required. Experience suggests, however, that while test scores are helpful, the writing samples along with the statement and letters of recommendation are better indicators of potential for success in the program.

The Graduate School requires all applicants to submit their scores in the three Graduate Record Examination areas (verbal, quantitative and analytical). No advanced test score is necessary.

How to Apply

Admission information, including electronic forms, can be found at A personal interview is not required, although the department encourages and can help coordinate campus visits. The department only admits applicants for the doctoral degree. Applicants should feel free to send questions by e-mail to the director of graduate studies or any member of the faculty specializing in research areas in which the applicant may also have an interest. For further information, see the faculty listings on the department's website. The Graduate School may be contacted directly at:

Graduate School

Binghamton University

PO Box 6000

Binghamton, NY 13902-6000



Completed applications are due January 15 for consideration for departmental funding.


A small number of department assistantships are awarded each year to entering students. Awards are highly competitive. In arriving at a decision on admission and funding, the department pays primary attention to an applicant's scholarly promise as indicated by submitted written work, the statement of purpose and past academic record as indicated in transcripts and letters of recommendation. Normally, a student in good standing remains eligible for funding for four years if the student enters the doctoral program with a bachelor's degree or equivalent, and for three years if the student already has a master's degree or equivalent. Graduate assistant/teaching assistant awards come with a benefits package; for further information, contact the Office of Human Resources. The University offers Clark Fellowships ( to selected students who contribute to the diversity of the program. Advanced students may be nominated to receive dissertation support fellowships. Adjunct teaching positions are available, on a competitive basis, to students admitted to PhD candidacy.

Last Updated: 5/15/18