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Bello, Walden, Professor
Hegemony and multilateral organizations, The East Asian developmental state.

Candela, Ana Maria, Assistant Professor
Chinese History & Society, China & Latin America, Asia/Pacific/Americas, Transnational Migrations, Nationalism.

Deyo, Frederic C., Professor (Bartle)
Economy and society in Asia.

Diaz-Cotto, Juanita, Professor
Criminal justice/prisons, people of color in U.S., latin american feminisms, oral history and ethnographic research.

Gates, Leslie, Associate Professor
Latin America and Political Sociology.

Jiménez-Muñoz, Gladys, Associate Professor
Women's history, Feminist theories, Latin American and Caribbean history.

Keyder, Caglar, Professor
Historical sociology, urban sociology, globalization, sociology of law.

Laremont, Ricardo Rene, Professor
Ethnic and religious conflict, civil wars, conflict, and democratization.

Lee, Richard E., Professor (Bartle)
World-systems analysis, structures of knowledge, and cultural/science studies.

Martin, William G., Professor (Bartle)
Justice Studies and Social Movements.

Moore, Jason W., Professor
Capitalism as world-ecology, environmental history, and agrarian change.

Palat, Ravi A., Professor
Historical sociology, political economy, and World-systems analysis.

Price, Joshua, Professor
Violence against women, translation theory, and prison abolition.

Roth, Benita, Professor
The interaction of gender, race/ethnicity and class in postwar social protest.

Santiago-Valles Kelvin, Professor
Global labor-racial formation, political economy, and social regulation in the world-system.

Sarkar, Mahua, Associate Professor
Historical sociology, sociology of culture, gender, postcolonial theory.

Sitrin, Marina, Assistant Professor
Social Movements, Societies in Movement, Nonmovements and Resistance; Urban Peripheries; Sustainability; Latin American Studies; Ethnography; Law and Justice.

Tomich, Dale, Professor (Bartle)
Historical sociology and world-systems analysis.

West, Michael, Professor
Social movements and Africana Studies.

Emeritus Faculty Information

Bix, Herbert, Professor Emeritus
Sociology and History

Casparis, John, Associate Professor Emeritus

DeFleur, Lois B., Professor Emeritus

Geschwender, James A., Professor Emeritus

Petras, James F., Professor Emeritus

Selden, Mark, Professor Emeritus
Sociology and History 

Trow, Donald B., Professor Emeritus

Wallerstein, Immanuel, SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus Sociology 

Last Updated: 1/2/19