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Ana Maria Candela
Assistant Professor

Office:  LT 305
Office hours as posted or by appointment



Ana Maria Candela's research focuses on Chinese migrations to Latin America and on the global dimensions of Chinese history and China's social transformations. She is currently working on a book manuscript that examines Peruvian Chinese transnationalism through a translocal history of Chinese migrants to Peru within the context of the unfolding global processes of migration, colonization and national development from the 1870s to the 1940s.


  • Gender and Chinese Society:  Women in China's Long 20th Century
  • Sociology of China:  Social Transformation and Inequality in Reform Era China
  • Chinese Migrations in World History
  • Pacific Formations: Culture & Political Economy in Region Making
  • Nationalism (Graduate Seminar)

Recent Publications:

  • "Sociology in Times of Crisis: Chen Da, National Salvation and Knowledge Production," Journal of World-Systems Research, 21:2 (August 2015): 362-386.
  • "Qiaoxiang on the Silk Road:  Cultural Imaginaries as Structures of Feeling in the Making of a Global China", Critical Asian Studies, 45:1 (September 2013): 431-458.


Last Updated: 2/14/17