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Dale Tomich


Office: LT 308
Office hours as posted or by appointment.
Curriculum Vitae (doc, 158kb)

Research interests focus on world historical change. He is particularly concerned with the historical sociology of Latin America and the Caribbean as part of the historical formation of the modern world economy. His current research is a comparative study of slavery in Brazil, Cuba, and the United States during the nineteenth century. It seeks to understand the ways that systems of slavery and forced labor expanded and were transformed in response to the industrialization of the world economy. Recent books include: Through the Prism of Slavery: Exploration in Labor, Markets, and World Economy. Professor Tomich offers courses on historical sociology, global inequalities, and social theory.

With a group of international scholars he is engaged in a collaborative interdisciplinary research project on the relation of function and representation in the making of plantation spaces in Brazil Cuba and the Lower Mississippi Valley.

Recent courses:

  • Foundations of Social Theory

Recent Publications:

  • Tomich, Dale, "The Order of Historical Time: Fernand Braudel and Italian Microstoria," in The Longue Durée and World-Systems Analysis. Richard E. Lee, ed. (Albany: SUNY Press, 2012).
  • Tomich, Dale, "Econocide? From Abolition to Emancipation in the British and French Caribbean," in The Caribbean: An Illustrated History. Stephan Palmié and Francisco Scarano, eds. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press: 2011), 303-316.
  • Tomich, Dale and Reinaldo Funes Monzote, "Naturaleza, tecnologia y esclavitud en Cuba: Frontera azucarera y Revolución industrial, 1815,1870," in Trabajo libre y trabajo coactivo en sociedades de plantación. José Antonio Piqueras, ed. (Madrid: Siglo XXI de España, 2009), 75-117.
  • Tomich, Dale, "The Invention of the Cuban Sugarmill: Space, Time and Labor Management, 1820-1860," in Francisco Arango y la invención de la Cuba azucarera. Mª Dolores González-Ripoll and Izaskun Álvarez Cuartero, ed. (Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, May, 2010), 133-149.
  • Tomich, Dale and Rafael Marquese, "O Vale de Paraíba escravista e a formação do mercado mundial do café no século XIX," in O Brasil Império (1808-1889), vol. 2. Keila Grinberg e Ricardo Salles, eds. (Rio de Janeiro: Civilização Brasileira, 2009), II, 341-383.
  • Pelo Prisma da Escravidão, trans. Antonio de Padua Danesi, (São Paulo: Editorial Universidade de São Paulo, December, 2011).
  • Tomich, Dale, "Thinking the 'Unthinkable': Victor Schoelcher and the Haitian Revolution," Review, XXXI, 3 (2008), 430-431.
  • Tomich, Dale, "Vitorino Magalhães Godinho: Atlantic History, World History," Review XXVIII, 4 (2005), 305-312.
  • Tomich, Dale, "Atlantic History and World Economy: Concepts and Constructions," Protosociology, 20 (2004), 102-121.
  • Tomich, Dale, "The Wealth of Empire: Francisco Arango y Parreño, Political Economy, and the Second Slavery in Cuba," Comparative Studies in Society and History 45, 1 (January, 2003), 4-28.


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