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Marina Sitrin

msAssistant Professor
Office:  LT 414
Office hours as posted or by appointment


Marina Sitrin is an Assistant Professor of Sociology. She holds a PhD in Global Sociology and a JD in International Women's Human Rights.

Contemporary Mass Movements
Mass Self-Organizing in Europe
Introduction to Sociology
Movements For 'Real Democracy'

Marina's scholarly work is part of a continuum, reflecting years of study and direct engagement, focusing on collective action, social organization and resistance. In particular, she examines how various forms of self-organization that arise in spaces of resistance calls upon us in the social sciences to rethink our understandings of social movements and protest. Her research is based in contemporary movements in Latin America, the United States and Southern Europe. This work has followed a political and geographic trajectory, beginning in Argentina in 2002 and moving to various spaces and geographies where resistance meets creation.

Methodologically, Marina's employs forms of ethnographic research, grounded in oral history and sociological narrative. The form of ethnographic research is sometimes participant observer, and always designed to relate history and experience from below.

Under contract with the University of California Press, her forthcoming book examines the newer movements in Latin America and Europe, arguing for an expansion of social movement theory so as to encompass those movements that do not look to the state or institutions of power as the main agents of change, and are instead creating alternative means of survival together and horizontally. Rather than protest or social movement, concepts such as "Societies in Movement" and "Nonmovements" are expanded upon. Chapters include: alternative economies; defense of the land; commons; alternative adjudication; left governments; and the movements of the squares. All chapters address issues of gender, as it is women who are leading these new movements. It concludes with an argument about the important contribution these movements make to social movement theory as well as an overview of the theoretical work on the topic up until this point, including both academic scholars and movement participant-scholars.

Marina currently is collaborating with Bill Fletcher, Jr on a dialogue based book, engaging this historical moment with visions of what is taking place, both in the realm of formal politics (political parties and shifting landscapes of those in positions of power) as well as what is growing from below – the many movements emerging and deepening in the wake of this political situation. One of the goals is to manifest alternative ways people involved in social and political change can disagree, argue and dialogue, doing so in a way that moves the conversation forward and towards places of more movement.


The New Revolutions: From Social Movements to Societies in Movement, under contract with University of California Press.

They Can't Represent Us! Reinventing Democracy from Greece to Occupy, co-authored with Dario Azzellini (Verso Press, 2014).

Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism and Autonomy in Argentina, (Zed Books, 2012).

Occupying Language: The Secret Rendezvous with History and the Present, co-authored with Dario Azzellini (New York Zuccotti Park Press / Adelante Alliance, 2012).

Horizontalidad: Voces de Poder Popular en Argentina (Chilavert, 2005) Spanish edition.
Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina (AK Press, 2006) English edition.
οριζοντιότητα: φωνές λαϊκής εξουσίας στην αργεντινη (SKYA Athens, 2011) Greek edition.

Select Book Chapters

"HIJOS: Breaking Social Silence with Justice" in From Transnational to Transformative Justice, eds. Paul Gready and Simon Robins (Cambridge University Press, NY, USA)

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"Horizontalism in Argentina" in Development Reader: An Introduction to International
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Select Articles

"Recuperating Work and Life: South to North" Roar Magazine, inaugural edition, 2015.

"Goals Without Demands" Volume 113, Number 2 South Atlantic Quarterly, special issue editors, John Holloway and Werner Bonefeld Spring 2014.

Guest Editor, issue title: Horizontalism and Autonomy in Latin America, North American
Congress on Latin America Report on the Americas Magazine (NACLA), Fall 2014.

"Occupy Trust: The Role of Emotion in the New Movements" Issue 27.3, Cultural Anthropology: Journal of the Society for Cultural Anthropology, online ( July 2012.

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"Horizontalidad, Autogestion y Nuevo Protagonismo Social en Argentina" Historia Actual, No. 21, Cadiz, February 2010.

"Reimagining Revolution: Horizontalism, Autogestión and Affective Politics in Argentina" Issue 5, Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review, Belfast, Autumn 2007.


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