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The sociology curriculum seeks to broaden and deepen the understanding of social organization and social change in the United States and globally. As a means to this end, it provides a background in perspectives and methods useful in examining the factual basis of assertions about the social world, and helps us understand both our immediately experienced social reality and more encompassing social phenomena.

An undergraduate degree in sociology offers an excellent foundation for a critically informed understanding of and engagement with contemporary social issues, as well as for graduate-level preparation for careers in journalism, law, politics, health care, social planning, social services and other professions that must take into account social organization and social relations.

A sociology major or minor combines readily with racial, ethnic, area and women's studies, as well as with other interdisciplinary social sciences.

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Professor Gladys Jiménez-Muñoz



Exceptional Binghamton University sociology majors have the opportunity to accelerate their education and complete both the BA and MA in five years. This combined degree program is suitable for those students capable of undertaking graduate level work in their senior year. It offers the benefit of a MA degree, which can be particularly valuable for students planning a career in public service and the non-profit sector, as well as those who want to strengthen their skills and knowledge in preparation for PhD program applications. Students considering the program should consult the Director of Graduate Studies, Leslie Gates (

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Last Updated: 1/14/19