Management Information Systems

Coordinator of Management Information Systems (MIS): Surinder Kahai

Typical Schedule for MIS PhD Students

Year 1

First Semester: Seminar in MIS (Special Topics), Seminar in Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Research Methods 1, Quantitative Methods 1

Second Semester: Seminar in MIS (Organizational Impacts of IS), Teaching Pedagogy, Research Methods 2, Quantitative Methods 2

Year 2

First Semester: Seminar in MIS (IT Innovations), Advanced Statistics and Data Analysis, Judgment and Decision Making, Seminar in Complex Science

Second Semester: Seminar in MIS (IS and Social Networks), Seminar in MIS (Special Topics), Seminar in Collective Dynamic of Complex Systems

Year 3

Comprehensive Exams, Teaching Experience, Dissertation Proposal

Year 4


MIS Faculty

SURINDER KAHAI, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Research interests: Computer-mediated communication, information systems leadership, social networking, online learning

SUMANTRA SARKAR, Ph.D, Georgia State University
Research Interests: organizational routines, health information technologies, IT governance

ALI YAYLA, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University
Research interests: IT leadership, IT business alignment, IT security