The Fast-Track PMBA-NYC Advantage

The Professional MBA - NYC program is one of the most innovative programs in the country. Binghamton University's School of Management is the only school in New York State that offers an MBA degree in just 12 months for fully employed individuals. Not only does the program require 40 percent less time to completion relative to traditional MBA programs, this reduced time translates to a savings of $20,000 - $40,000 in contrast to the other MBA programs offered in New York City. The program is crafted for young professionals looking to build upon their foundation in management and enhance their career prospects.

Our courses are designed to introduce students to the latest tools and strategies in the business world through a high-impact curriculum that leverages real-world experiences. The participants move through the Professional MBA program as a cohort, sharing the same educational experiences and working together cooperatively. This provides an intimate platform for learning as well as the opportunity for high-caliber networking. The program emphasizes teamwork and collaboration which mirrors genuine scenarios encountered in the professional world. The program offers a challenging and stimulating experience for individuals who want to earn an MBA in a time-efficient manner without sacrificing their career.


PMBA-NYC Benefits

Skills are enhanced throughout the program in a variety of ways. As a participant, you will:

  • Acquire new business tools and sharpen analytical abilities
  • View responsibilities in a broader context and better understand challenges confronting your organization
  • Further develop and enhance critical thinking skills
  • Learn advanced business applications that can be immediately integrated into the work environment
  • Accelerate the development of business judgment and decision making skills
  • Increase your value to your firm, improve job security and boost your market value

Additional Benefits for Sponsoring Organization

  • Participants do not have to interrupt their careers or their contributions to the firm
  • Assignments/projects provide both immediate and long-term benefits for the sponsoring organization
  • Structured to complement work schedule 


General Program Requirements for Admission

  • Strong performance in an AACSB accredited undergraduate business or accounting degree program [received within the last seven years].
  • Competitive GMAT score
  • Completed application, which includes a current resume, letters of recommendation, and personal statement
  • Interview with the program director [highly recommended although not required]

The Fast-Track Professional MBA Program in New York City is co-sponsored by the School of Management and the Binghamton University Alumni Association. Applications for the program are reviewed on a rolling basis with priority given to early applicants.


Where can I get more information?

Any questions you have can be directed to:

Dina Skeffrey
Administrative Director
607-777-6644 or 516-418-6921

Last Updated: 2/6/15