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School of Management

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Scholars Program

About the Scholars Program

The School of Management Scholars Program, sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), is for students of exceptional merit. Students are selected for their strong academic achievements and extracurricular accomplishments, and are notified with their acceptance to the Binghamton University School of Management.

Freshmen who are selected into the program are notified with their acceptance to the Binghamton University School of Management. Students can also apply to become a member of the program during the second semester of their freshman year.

The PwC Scholars Program focuses on developing future leaders through four pillars: academic achievement, professionalism, community service/fundraising and unique networking opportunities. PwC Scholars have several additional requirements to complete as members of the program, and are continuously challenged to reach their full potential within the School of Management.

The PwC Scholars Program focuses on developing future leaders through challenging academics, professional development, community service, civic engagement, fundraising and unique networking opportunities. 

PwC is a global leader in serving public and private clients in assurance, tax, human resources, transactions, performance improvement and crisis management. With their support, the PwC Scholars Program offers students direct access to one of the most renowned professional services firms in the world.

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Program highlights:

  • Ten-day international trip, in which students travel to various cities within the country, learn the country's culture and understand foreign business practices; past trips have included Spain, Japan, Italy, South Africa and China
  • Speaker series featuring thought leaders in multiple industries, including PwC Chairman and Senior Partner Bob Moritz, Publicis Media CEO Dave Penski and Visions Federal Credit Union CEO Tyrone Muse
  • Special honors seminars with a focus on developing skills that students need to succeed in the business world
  • Scholar-managed fundraising events that contribute toward a fundraising goal to support the annual large-scale service project; past projects include revitalizing a kitchen for the Salvation Army, improving a local baseball field, building a mobile library for an elementary school, and installing a toddler playground for disadvantaged youth
  • Special honors seminars each semester, focused on developing skills that students need to succeed in the business world
  • Sophomore visit to the PwC office in New York City where students learn about the firm, network with partners and staff and attend a featured evening event, which has been a sporting game and Broadway show
  • Sophomore case competition, which develops students' strategic analysis and presentation skills and culminates in a final round presentation at the PwC offices in New York City
  • One-on-one advising and mentoring by the program director as well as professionally-experienced upperclassmen
  • Several social events to promote networking throughout the program; past events include an annual Ski Trip, apple picking, laser tag and haunted hayrides

Community service project:

Each year the PwC Scholars develop and execute a large-scale community service project with a local non-profit organization. The students in the program also fully organize and implement several events on campus to support the annual project's fundraising goal of approximately $15,000. Throughout the year, students volunteer over a thousand hours towards the project. Volunteer hours are spent working directly with the local organization to develop a project that meets their needs.

The project culminates in a Community Service Day (typically at the end of April), in which all of the Scholars spend the entire day on the project build with the help of alumni from the program, faculty and staff from Binghamton University and representatives from PwC in New York City. Past projects include:

  • Creating a mobile library for an elementary school destroyed by flood damage
  • Building a park
  • Working with the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park
  • Renovating Little League fields
  • Renovating the kitchen at a Salvation Army
  • Revitalizing the outdoor courtyard at low-income housing community

Applications for consideration as a recipient of this grant are accepted starting in December. Applications are due by mid-February. You can apply at this link. Please contact Professor Dina Layish ( for more information.

2017-2018 Community service project

The PwC Scholars are working with Helping Celebrate Abilities (HCA) for their 2017-2018 community service project. HCA (formerly known as Handicapped Children's Association) has served people in the Greater Binghamton area with physical and developmental disabilities and their families since 1947. The focus of the project will be on a pre-school HCA facilitates in Johnson City that offers children aged 3 to 5 years old an enriching and diverse environment to learn alongside their developing peers.

One portion of the project will center around the interior of the school, where Scholars will create interactive murals with themes inspired by various biomes. Theses murals will include 3D extensions. Pre-school students will be able to play with the extensions and learn from them as they walk from classroom to classroom, making for both a fun and educational addition to the building.

The Scholars will also expand the outdoor garden area adjacent to the building. This will allow the pre-school students to plant flowers, tomatoes and other plants to take advantage of the outdoor space. This space will be handicap-accessible and paved with stone so wheelchairs can be easily utilized within the garden. There will also be an overhead pergola piece with a seating area that includes benches, allowing the garden area to also function as an outdoor classroom.

Additionally, the Scholars are looking into expanding the playground area to include more handicap-accessible swings and carts to provide the pre-school students with more opportunities to play outside.

Last Updated: 12/13/17