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About Summer Research Immersion (SRI)

Summer Research Immersion (SRI) is a groundbreaking program that gives science and engineering students the opportunity to combine their academic studies with the experience of conducting real research, investigating important problems that yield publishable results in the areas of biomedical science, sustainable energy, computer science and engineering.

This two-course program begins with Research Stream Part 1 and then continues with Research Stream Part 2, for a total of 8 course credits. Through this structured experience, students are prepared to begin research, with enough time to learn research techniques, acquire background on a research question and follow through on the initial phases of a real research problem.

In addition to technical skills, the SRI program emphasizes development of workplace skills that employers, graduate schools and professional schools, such as medical schools, expect in college graduates: communication, collaborative, project management, and leadership skills.

A dedicated Research Educator and a team of three to five collaborating faculty mentors design and oversee the research experience for each Research Stream. Laboratories have been designed, constructed and outfitted to provide the innovative infrastructure to fully integrate undergraduate students in leading-edge research in their Research Stream.

After the SRI program, students are well positioned to continue research in faculty laboratories and obtain internships, all of which prepare them for future careers in sciences and engineering.

Last Updated: 11/6/19