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Student and faculty conducting research.

Make your summer count. Dive into the world of research.

Real research for tomorrow's future leaders.

The new Summer Research Immersion (SRI) program provides students intending to major in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields with a one-of-a-kind research experience. Working alongside faculty and fellow students on cutting-edge research projects, you'll tackle weighty world issues, build powerful relationships, and set a course for college and career success.

Explore the hottest topics in science and engineering.

SRI participants get to investigate exciting research topics all summer long! Teaming up with faculty and other inquisitive students, SRI students conduct research in one of these unique and challenging Research Streams. Talk about immersion!

What students say about FRI and SRI programs

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Want to learn the basics of scientific research and gain skills that graduate schools and employers are looking for?

Looking to have fun, challenge your mind and future-proof your resume?

Apply for SRI for a competitive (and really cool) research experience!


Last Updated: 1/19/18