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Binghamton University General Education Requirements

Binghamton University's General Education Physical Education Requirement

Binghamton University is deeply committed to the importance of physical education for all students. For those students who may not be able to meet this requirement for disability related reasons, please refer to the website for Appealing General Education Requirements.

Binghamton University's General Education Foreign Language Requirement and Support for Students with Disabilities

Rationale for Foreign Language Study

Binghamton University is deeply committed to the importance of foreign language learning for all students.

As stated in its mission, "Binghamton dedicated to enriching the lives of people in the region, state, nation and world through discovery and education and to being enriched by partnerships with those communities. At Binghamton, we believe that a 21st century college education requires a deep engagement with the world. Our vision is to design a distinctly "global" educational experience and foster an inclusive campus community that infuses all aspects of college life with an international perspective."

The need to bridge language barriers and develop cross-cultural competencies is essential to the success of Binghamton university students and graduates in what has become an increasingly global community. Foreign language learning better positions our students for careers in this world economy, enriches our conversations with each other, encourages evaluation of our own culture, and improves collaboration and engagement in a diverse U.S. society and in an international marketplace.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for students enrolled in foreign language study at Binghamton University are to demonstrate:

  •  Basic proficiency in speaking and writing a foreign language.
  • Knowledge of the distinctive features of culture associated with the language.

Through foreign language study, it is hoped that students will not only be able to communicate in other countries or with individuals from a foreign country, but gain a greater understanding and respect for cultures and value systems different from their own.

Students with Disabilities

The faculty of the foreign language departments and the staff of Services for Students with Disabilities stand ready to assist students in their efforts to meet the general education foreign language requirement. Students with disabilities who anticipate they will have disability-related difficulties successfully fulfilling the general education foreign language requirement should identify themselves and their concerns to Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) immediately upon enrollment at Binghamton University. SSD staff will work with the student to explain the possible options which may include accommodations or course substitutions. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to: extended time on exams, spelling dispensation, and repeating orally presented test questions.

Substitutions of the General Education Foreign Language Requirement

The University recognizes that in some cases, even with reasonable accommodations, a student with a disability may not be able to learn a foreign language. In these cases, a student may petition for a substitution of the general education foreign language requirement. Petitions are available in the Services for Students with Disabilities office (University Union room 119). 

Note: If a student was waived from taking a foreign language in high school, this does not automatically mean he or she will be eligible for a substitution of the Binghamton University general education foreign language requirement.

Review of Petitions

A committee made up of Binghamton University faculty and staff will review a student's petition along with documentation related to disability that the student has submitted to the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office. The documentation must clearly substantiate the impossibility or extraordinary difficulty the foreign language requirement would present to the student and the insufficiency of reasonable academic accommodations to afford the student equal access and a level playing field in the foreign language course offerings at Binghamton University.

The committee reviews substitution petitions in twice yearly meetings, just prior to spring and fall semester pre-registration. Deadlines for petitions are October 1 (for review prior to November's spring course registration) or March 1 (for review prior to April's fall course registration.)

Last Updated: 4/11/16