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Time Management & Organizational Coaching

If you ask most students what the number one challenge is in college, they will more than likely tell you it is learning how to balance their studies, social life, work, and internships. Without a clear plan, the cycle of disorganization, panic and stress can become a habit, resulting in anxiety, sub par performance on tests and quizzes – even missing important due dates.

In this series of interactive tutorials, we will teach you how to effectively manage and maximize your time. In addition to viewing the videos, you may download any of the templates for your personal use.

Staying organized and on top of your work load will greatly increase your chances of academic success, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you make the most of your college experience!

Dianne Gray, Director 
Services for Students with Disabilities
Binghamton University



Discovery Program

The Discovery Program provides academic success and support services to all undergraduate students such as: organizational coaching, study and time management skills: Please visit: for more information.


Templates for Organization

Fall 2018 Semester Calendar Template 


Monthly Calendar Template


Weekly Calendar Template


3 Column To-do Calendar Template


Google Calendar Tutorial

Last Updated: 2/1/19