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Sign Language Interpreter Services: Policy & Procedures

Sign language interpreter services for Binghamton University students are administered through the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office. Students with severe hearing impairments are eligible for services in class, during internships, for meetings with faculty or professional staff, and during campus events. Interpreter services will also be provided, as necessary to facilitate communication between student applicants and university staff. Disability documentation is usually required.

New students who require sign language interpreter services must make an appointment with the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities to discuss their particular needs. Appointments should be scheduled as far before the semester as possible. Returning students, who are already affiliated with the office, should submit their course schedules as soon as they have registered for the following semester. Service requests should include:

  • Course schedule information

  • Dates, times and locations of service needs for out-of-class activities, as soon as the students become aware of them.

Advance notice of your specific sign language interpreter needs is critical to our ability to recruit qualified interpreters for the dates and times during which you require this service.

Last Updated: 12/7/18