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Binghamton University's reputation for academic excellence and its highly committed faculty and staff make it an attractive educational choice for many talented students. Students with disabilities, like all applicants admitted to the University, enter with scholastic credentials representative of Binghamton's high academic standards. Their applications are considered without regard to disability and it is the responsibility of the students to identify themselves to us if they wish to request disability-related support services or reasonable accommodations. The disability-related needs of students registering with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) vary widely but their overall academic performance is characterized by determination and success.

SSD is an ardent defender of academic integrity and student rights to reasonable accommodation. All students must expect to be evaluated according to stringent academic standards, and students with disabilities are no exception. It will sometimes be necessary, however, to make reasonable accommodations in order to insure that students with disabilities have the opportunity to participate on an equal basis with their class colleagues.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 require that public universities provide reasonable accommodations to students who identify themselves and provide the university's disability services office with appropriate documentation of their disability-related access needs upon request. At the same time, students with documented disabilities must take responsibility for alerting professors, lecturers, and teaching assistants about their authorized accommodations in a timely fashion. The information in this section of SSD's website provides guidelines and advice for appropriately accommodating the disability-related needs of students, while enabling instructors to maintain a sense of fairness and academic integrity. Please don't hesitate to contact the SSD staff whenever you have questions or concerns about individual students or our institutional responsibilities regarding reasonable accommodation. Individual consultations and departmental presentations are always available upon request.


Dianne Gray
Director of Services for Students with Disabilities

Last Updated: 11/6/18