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Web and Media Accessibility Policy

State and federal laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sections 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and New York State Technology Policy 99-3, require Binghamton University web-based content to meet specified accessibility standards established by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). These standards apply to web pages and content developed by or for a college, department, program, or unit of the University, including faculty websites used for instructional purposes.

Binghamton University is committed to ensuring accessibility of its websites, web content, web applications and all related media. University websites that provide information about the University to external audiences or that provide information for employees or students must be accessible as defined by the W3C standards as amended from time to time.

Websites that contain information used in instruction must be accessible to all students in the class. This includes information posted on Blackboard and internet/intranet web pages. All students should have the opportunity to join class related experiences including interactive electronic experiences such as chat rooms. Accessibility must be considered when purchasing and licensing software, videos and related media.

Each person posting a university or instructional website, as well as information on Blackboard, is responsible for ensuring that it is designed to be accessible. Departments within divisions have responsibility to monitor continued accessibility compliance of its web pages. The Media Access Committee will develop and disseminate guidelines for meeting applicable web accessibility standards and update those guidelines as necessary. Web accessibility problems related to a specific student's disability-related needs should be directed to the Services for Students with Disabilities office.

Concerns with the University website should be addressed to the Web Director Other concerns should be addressed to the campus department or individual maintaining the website in question.

Last Updated: 4/11/16