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Policy on the Determination and Authorization of Academic Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities at Binghamton University

Binghamton University has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure the provision of appropriate auxiliary aids, services and accommodations that afford enrolled students with disabilities equal access to, and participation in, all institutional programs and activities. The goal of academic accommodation is to facilitate equitable access to course-related activities and ensure that evaluations measure student achievement rather than unnecessarily reflecting the impact of a disability. All accommodations are individualized to the student and the academic setting. Appropriate accommodations are designed, neither to alter the fundamental requirements of specific courses or programs, nor to guarantee student success but to establish an equitable playing field for students with and without disabilities within the parameters of established academic standards.

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) is the campus office responsible for determining appropriate academic accommodations for students with disabilities in classroom and laboratory settings. The process routinely invites faculty input, to insure that finalized accommodations support teaching strategies and course requirements. Accommodation authorizations by the Director and Learning Disabilities Specialist are based on their professional expertise in issues related to disability and higher education and reflect a strong commitment to academic integrity and equal access.

Faculty teaching responsibilities include the implementation of authorized accommodations to students who identify themselves and share SSD accommodation letters with them.

Students seeking accommodations in academic courses must provide SSD with current, comprehensive disability documentation from a professional licensed or certified to diagnose and treat their disability(ies). Students are respected as adults and are expected to take an active role in informing faculty of authorized accommodations, collaborating with them to insure effective arrangements. Students who believe they require disability-related support services or accommodations to participate on an equal basis with their class colleagues should follow the procedures outlined in "Disability Documentation Guidelines and Procedures for Requesting Academic Accommodations" on SSD's webpage under "SSD-Registered Student" 

Last Updated: 5/8/18