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Off Campus College Transport (OCCT) is a student-operated bus service that provides public transportation for Binghamton University students to and from the central part of campus, the peripheral campus apartment complexes and the local community. A per semester transportation fee charged to all enrolled students supports the service's operation and any student may ride throughout the semester at no additional charge. All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts, providing wheelchair access to the fixed route service.

Off Campus College Transport's Paratransit Lift Service for Students with Permanent/Long-term Disabilities

Additionally, OCCT operates a wheelchair-lift equipped Para-transit Service to provide transportation assistance to students whose permanent/long-term disabilities make use of the fixed route service extremely difficult or impossible. This service must be requested and scheduled in advance, and serves a limited geographical area, similar to the fixed route system.

The Lift Service is not an accommodation required by federal or state law, but a transportation enhancement the University and OCCT have elected to provide to facilitate enrollment by students who might otherwise be unable to attend Binghamton University. Students authorized to use the service must submit transportation schedule requests well in advance of their need, as the Lift does not operate on an on-call basis. While Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) and OCCT try to provide transportation assistance to students with significant long-term mobility limitations whenever possible, it is ultimately each student's responsibility to arrange for his or her own transportation to, from and within the campus environment.  Please read the following procedure for requesting service eligibility, and refer to the Off Campus College Transport website and Lift Passenger Guide for additional information on service parameters and rider rights and responsibilities.

Students with permanent/long-term disabilities which prevent them from using the fixed route bus services may apply for OCCT Lift Service authorization through Services for Students with Disabilities.

  • Contact the SSD office to inquire about possible authorization and service availability.
  • Submit to SSD, upon the Director's request, supporting medical documentation that describes the nature, extent, functional limitations and expected duration of the physical disability.
  • If approved for authorization, follow the instructions in the email you receive from SSD and contact OCCT accordingly.

The director or staff of Services for Students with Disabilities will review each student's application, consulting with the Decker Student Health Services Center as necessary, and will inform the student of his/her eligibility determination. Remember that service authorization is not a guarantee of service availability.

In the case of a temporary mobility impairment, refer to "Self-help Strategies and Campus Resources for Students with Temporary Disabilities"

Other Binghamton University Transportation or Parking Options may include:

  • Authorization to flag down the Campus Maintenance Shuttle – Available through SSD, based on a student's permanent or temporary mobility impairment.
  • Disability authorization for campus parking areas – For application procedures and documentation requirements, see "Disability Parking."
  • OCC Transport Fixed Route Service and Campus Shuttle – All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts.


For more information or assistance contact:

Services for Students with Disabilities
Binghamton University
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

Office: UU-119
Phone: 607-777-2686 (voice/TT)
Fax: 607-777-6893


Last Updated: 6/8/16