Concussion Policy

  • Students who have incurred a concussion should first contact their professors so that they can discuss their situation and immediate concerns.
  • Students who are experiencing post-concussive symptoms beyond 5 to 10 days should seek assistance from SSD. The symptoms may include but are not limited to headache, dizziness, irritability, diminished concentration, sleep disturbance, and intolerance to stimulation such as lights and sounds. SSD has assistive technology that can support students in alleviating post-concussive symptoms associated with extended periods of mental exertion.
  • Students requiring academic accommodations based on symptomatology will be authorized for accommodations on a temporary basis for one semester. For students whose symptoms continue beyond one semester please refer to our cognitive disability documentation guidelines. - Faculty/staff - Other Resources
  • It is the obligation of the student to reach out to SSD if their symptoms continue beyond one semester or there is a change in their symptoms during the semester.