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  • Hiroki Sayama received an award for Best Paper of the Decade from the International Society of Artificial Life (ISAL).
  • BS ISE Kasey Hill received an AVANGRID Scholarship – 1 of just 15 awarded nationally.
  • The IISE Student Chapter received a Gold Award under advisor Sang Won Yoon.
  • Mehmet Yildrim and Mai Abdulla received best paper awards at IISERC 2018.
  • Sumanth Sundaramurthy, Rawan Najar, and Zena Takele received second place, and Sana Malik, Aishwarya Kunjir, and Suresh Kumar Lalchandani placed third, in the IISE-CIS mobile app competition at IISERC 2018.
  • Lauren Kelemen, Darren Silvanic and Michael Hindin placed second in the IISE/Rockwell Simulation Competition at IISERC 2018.
  • Roozbeh Salary received the best doctoral poster award at IISERC 2018.
  • Yiming Che, under guidance of Dr. Changqing Cheng, received top honorable mention for his entry in the Data Science Student Poster Competition on "Multi-Scale Graph Modeling and Analysis of Locomotion Dynamics Towards Sensor-based Dementia Estimation," as announced by the Data Science Transdisciplinary Working Group in conjunction with the Binghamton Research Days.
  • Binghamton University's Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) received an Outstanding Research Award from KohYoung Technology for the successful launch of their Ksmart module, the first artificial intelligence for electronics manufacturing. Dr. Sang Won Yoon was a contributor for this award.
  • Tian He received the 2018 Katie C. Root Award.
  • Dieudonne Ouedraogo received the 2018-2019 Klir Scholarship for Graduate Excellence in Systems Science.
  • Doctoral students Haifeng Wang, Roozbeh Salary and Xiaonan Lu were accepted into the 2018 IISE Doctoral Colloquium.
  • "A Mechanistic Thermal Fatigue Model for SnAgCu Solder Joints" by Peter Borgesen, Luke Wentlent, Sa'd Hamasha, Saif Khasawneh, Sam Shirazi, Debora Schmitz, Thaer Alghoul, Chris Greene, and Liang Yin has been chosen by the Editors of the Journal of Electronic Materials to appear on Springer's website (SpringerLink) as a "Free Access" article. Free Access articles will be identified as freely available on SpringerLink, and can be viewed at no charge to readers. This honor is reflective of the comprehensive nature of your article and its overall excellence. Only a few Editors' Choice articles are selected each year for Free Access.
  • Daehan Won and Jia Deng were selected to participate in the 2018 CIEADH/IISE New Faculty Colloquium.
  • Farnaz Zamani Esfahlani received the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research (SS).
  • Mohammed Aladeemy received the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research (ISE).
  • Rajesh Sharma Sivasubramony received the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Service/Outreach.
  • Dr. Changqing Cheng received the Best Paper Award in Data Mining and Decision Analytics at INFORMS.
  • Hadir Elsayed received the best undergraduate paper award at the Society for Industrial and Systems Engineering (SISE) World Conference.
  • Nasser Sharareh was selected by the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies to participate in the 3rd Annual STEM Faculty Launch Program at WPI, Worcester, MA.
  • Nasser Sharareh, Dr. Nasim Sabounchi, Amanda Roome, Rita Spathis and Dr. Ralph M. Garruto published "Model-Based Risk Assessment and Public Health Analysis to Prevent Lyme Disease" at Journal of Royal Society Open Science. 
  • Nasser Sharareh, Dr. Nasim Sabounchi, Dr. Hiroki Sayama and Dr. Roderick MacDonald published "The Ebola Crisis and the Corresponding Public Behavior: A Systems Dynamic Approach" at PLOS Currents.
  • Hadir Elsayed researched failure factors in Lean Six Sigma implementation and documenting processes to share key findings with Lockheed Martin Owego. She will present her research findings at an undergraduate research conference in July at the University of Buffalo. This research was made possible with support through LSAMP
  • Lida Haghnegahdar was awarded an ASSIST Travel Grant to participate in the LEVERAGE program at 2017 SACNAS - The National Diversity in STEM Conference in Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Binghamton University's Human Factors & Ergonomics Society was awarded the Bronze Level Outstanding Student Chapter Award. Vishal Madane (President) also received a travel award to represent Binghamton's Graduate Department at the HFES National Conference in Austin, Texas.
  • Nasser Sharareh was selected by AcademyHealth to receive a Systems Science Scholarship, with generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The scholarship provides a unique opportunity to introduce systems science methods to the health services research (HSR) community and to foster collaboration and engagement between scholars and stakeholders in HSR.
  • Nasser Sharareh was chosen among 350 applicants to receive the 2017 System Dynamics Summer School Scholarship with support from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to attend an advanced modeling program held in MIT, Cambridge, MA, in July 2017.


  • BS ISE students Elise Groll, Lillian Kravitz, John "Jay" Rosser, and Abigail "Abby" Saxe participated in an interdisciplinary team of engineering students from Binghamton University competing at the official SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition that was be held this summer in California. Less than 2% of teams applying were accepted to the competition.
  • Two BSE ISE student teams competing at the General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference received Best in Track: (1) Nominated for Best Paper: Roll-to-Roll Processing – "Roll to Roll Processing and Inspection: An Analysis of Optical Defect Inspection of Aluminum Depositions on Various Flexible Substrates" - Ryan McGinn (ISE), Nicholas Pascale (ISE), Daniel Hart (EE), Daniel Muller (CE), and Garrett Sklar (ME); and (2) UHS S&R – "UHS Wilson Hospital Materials Handling – Process Improvement" – Ashkon Assemi, Todd Lewis (Team Lead), Melanie Richardson, and Joel Schwartz.
  • Farnaz Esfahlani received an NetSci travel award for her participation in NetSci 2017.
  • Linda Adwan and Mohammed Aladeemy received the Computer & Information Systems Division Best Student Paper Award for ISERC 2017
  • Roozbeh Salary received an NSF Travel Award for the MSEC2017/NAMRC45 Conference
  • Mohammad Aladeemy, Yinglei Li, and Jawad Qasaymeh were all selected to participate in the 2017 IISE Doctoral Colloquium.
  • Dr. Mark Poliks was named a NextFlex Fellow. NextFlex is a public-private consortium of companies, academic institutions, nonprofits and governments with a mission to advance US manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronics. 
  • Dr. Sang Won Yoon and Dr. Sung Hoon Chung of the Binghamton University Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science and their students are participating in an exciting new research opportunity in collaboration with the Raymond Corporation and Toyota. Their proposal on "Applying Location-based Informatics, Simulation and Optimization Methods to Forklift Driver Behavior, Congestion and Wireless Charging Studies" was only one of three projects to be funded. You can watch local TV coverage of the announcement on Channel 34 here.
  • "Constitutive Relations for Finite Element Modeling of SnAgCu in Thermal Cycling – How Wrong We Were!" by authors Thaer Alghoul, Dustin Watson, Nardeeka Adams, Saif Khasawneh, and Farhan Batieha, under the guidance of Professor Christopher Greene and Professor Peter Borgesen, was selected as Best Interactive Presentation Paper of The Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) 2016, a premier international organization bringing together experts in packaging, components and microelectric systems science, technology and education.
  • Sina Khanmohammadi was awarded a Graduate Student Excellence Award in Teaching
  • Tian He was awarded a Graduate Student Excellence Award in Research
  • Hiroki Sayama was elected to the Executive Committee of the Complex Systems Society (CSS), the largest international society for the study of complex systems. 
  • Farnaz Zamani Esfahlani received third place for best poster at 2016 Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) 2016
  • Nasim Nezamoddini was accepted to the 2016 Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) Women in Operations Research/Management Sciences (WORMS) Doctoral Colloquium
  • Nasser Sharareh and Hamed Kianmehr were selected to participate in the 2016 Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) Doctoral Student Colloquium
  • Kunal Sethi and Manush Jhaveri received the Dr. Bhagwan Gajwani Scholarship Award



  • AcademyHealth 2015 Systems Science Scholar – Nasim Sabounchi
  • IIE 13th New Faculty Colloquium – Prahalad Rao & Nasim Sabounchi
  • Ambassador Peter F. Secchia Voyage of Discovery Program – Scott McAllister
  • Graduate Student Research Grant from the Sustainable Communities TAE Steering Committee – Yinglei Li
  • Outstanding Graduate Director – Mohammad Khasawneh
  • Delegates from Binghamton University visits The University of Electro-Communications (UEC) - August 2015
  • The Binghamton University chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) was awarded the Student Chapter Recognition GOLD Award in acknowledgement of the chapter's improvements, progress, and overall achievements in 2014-2015 | June 29, 2015
  • Dean Leads International Programs | Summer 2015 Watson Review
  • Grad Students Make Great Ambassadors | Summer 2015 Watson Review
  • Women Stand Out in Health Systems Program | Summer 2015 Watson Review
  • Professor Hiroki Sayama's book "Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems" is the first Binghamton University publication to be added to Open SUNY. | August 13, 2015
  • Best in Conference Paper at the SMTA Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium, February 2015 – F. Batieha, F. Feyissa, S. Hamasha, S. Shirazi, L. Wentlent, P. Ogutu, N. Dimitrov, E. Fey, and P. Borgesen, “Intermetallics Issues and Challenges in 2.5/3D Assembly Microjoints”
  • STAR Professional Service Award – Tamara Lindow
  • Invitation as Visiting Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden, Germany (summer 2015) – Hiroki Sayama
  • NYS/UUP Individual Development Award – Sung Hoon Chung
  • Peck Family Scholarship for Undergraduate Conference Attendance – James Winkleblack
  • IEEC/GE/CPMT Electronics Packaging Symposium Poster Winners:
    1.First place:   High Performance IGZO Thin Film Transistors on Flexible Glass;  Josh Hewlett, Rajesh Vaddi, Bruce White, Mark Poliks
    2. Second place:  Substrative Single Micron Metal Patterning on Flexible Glass;    Robert Malay. Abhishek Nandur, Rajesh Vaddi, Bruce White, Mark Poliks
  • Mining for organs: Watson SSIE researchers use data analysis to help boost organ donor numbers | Watson Review, 2015
  • Paying it forward: Peck scholarship funds student conference attendance | Watson Review, 2015
  • A positional Toll receptor code directs convergent extension in Drosophila | Nature, November 2, 2014
  • Algorithms Reveal Forecasting Power of Tweets | Discover-E, September 10, 2014
  • Two SWE students were able to attend the 2014 National SWE Conference with departmental support - Aria Niles and Meghana Jain
  • IEEC/GE/CPMT Electronics Packaging Symposium Poster Winners:
    First place:   High Performance IGZO Thin Film Transistors on Flexible Glass;  Josh Hewlett, Rajesh Vaddi, Bruce White, Mark Poliks
    Second place:  SubtractiveSingle Micron Metal Patterning on Flexible Glass;    Robert Malay. Abhishek Nandur, Rajesh Vaddi, Bruce White, Mark Poliks



  • Congratulations to SSIE's Dasharathy N. Ramesh on being one of two recipients for Best Poster award for "Thin Film CZTS Solar Cell Using Sputtering Method" presented at the IMAPS New England Symposium held May 2013 in Boxborough, MA
  • Congratulations Jeff Schmidt (Systems Science PhD student) for winning the best student paper award at the IEEE ALIFE 2013 conference!
  • Congratulations to Connor D'Andria for receiving the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence!
  • Congratulations to SSIE's Ehsan Alikhani for his 1st place win in the Fall 2012 Binghamton University Photography Contest!


  • Answering the "What If" Systems scientists and industrial engineers harness the power of simulation to model better healthcare
  • Our own Connor D'Andria is featured at Binghamton University's Inside Spotlight
  • 2nd Runner up for a theoretical paper award at the 2012 Complex Adaptive Systems Conference, Sina Khanmohammadi, PhD SS student, Cihan Hayreddin Dagli, and  Farnaz Zamani Esfahlani
  • Sang Won Yoon & Chanchal Saha, PhD ISE Candidate; "Best Paper" award at SISE 2012 Conference
  • 1st Place - Shantanu Joshi, MS ISE Candidate, for "LGA Solder Joints with Superior Reliability";
    2nd Place - Hema Sudarsanam, MS ISE Candidate, Mohammad M. Hamasha, Tara P. Dhakal, Susan Lu and Charles R. Westgate, for their poster "Comparing reliability of silver and silver chromium thin films on PET,
    3rd Place - Mazin Obaidat, and Sa'D Hamasha, PhD ISE Candidates and Younis Jaradat, for their poster "Reliability of SAC305 under Variable Loading Conditions -- Effects of Amplitude",
    2012 Electronics Packaging Symposium, Technology Advances in Small Scale Systems and Microelectronics Packaging, Oct 2012
  • The SSIE Department congratulates Professor Santos on his appointment as the Editor of a new journal - Industrial and Systems Engineering Review (ISER)
  • Systems Science PhD student Daniel Margolis is featured in Discover-e.
  • Congratulations to the Spring 2012 Watson School's Dean List recipients.
  • In recognition of the quality of their presentation at the day-long Senior Capstone Design presentations, Selenny Vasquez, Colin Walsh, and Professor Daryl Santos (Advisor) were selected for the MacDonald Family Prize in Senior Design.


  • MS-ISE candidate, Takahiro Tanaka, won the best poster award from the August 10-12 Mayo Clinic Conference on Systems Engineering & Operations Research for "Infusion Chair Scheduling Optimization Applying Bin-Packaging Heuristics".







Outstanding SSIE Students

Watson School Recognition Ceremony


May 19, 2012

School-wide honors

Katie C. Root Award for Graduate Students - Hadassah Head, MS in Systems Science

Department-based honors

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Students - Kevin Mei

Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies, Industrial and Systems Engineering - Joe Weiss

Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies, Systems Science - Keith Thompson

Service to the Department - Jason Houtenbrink

Student Speaker for Industrial and Systems Engineering

Laura Matthews


May 21, 2011

School-wide honors

Katie C. Root Award for Graduate Students - Kari Sentz, PhD in Systems Science

Department-based honors

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Students - Matthew Sommerhalter

Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies, Industrial and Systems Engineering - Gary Cheung

Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies, Systems Science - Soumyaroop Mitra

Service to the Department - Hanh Q. Ngyuen and Akiev Samson

Student Speaker for Industrial and Systems Engineering

Matthew Sommerhalter


2009 Undergraduate Honors candidates

Robert Campbell

Michael Eberhart

Kevin Seymour

Matthew Sommerhalter

Xin Xin Zan

President's Award for Undergraduate Student Excellence

Coralie Brutus

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