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SSIE Graduate Alumni Profiles

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Mohamed Ragheb El-Sharo (PhD ISE '12) / Internal Consultant

I joined Systems and Procedures Department at the Mayo Clinic shortly after graduation. I work as an internal consultant to improve healthcare delivery, research and education processes. Mayo is a wonderful organization that brings tradition, latest technology, and excellence.  Binghamton University provided me with the education I needed to begin my career. The actual work experience and high quality education helped me to build a good resume and get a job in one of the most leading organizations in the US.

Pratap Kurup (PhD ISE '10) / Sr Manufacturing & Systems Engineer

Working as a Senior Manufacturing and Systems Engineer at Caterpillar Inc since Feb 2011.

Harold (Hal) W. Lewis (PhD - Systems Science ‘95, MS SS '87) / Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director for Systems Science, SUNY Binghamton, Department of SSIE

I am associate professor and graduate director for systems science in what is currently called the SSIE Department. Many things have changed since "the old days" but I've worked hard to continue some aspects of what systems science once meant at Binghamton. My specific emphasis is on soft computing. Additionally I am called upon to support the industrial and systems engineering programs mainly by teaching some of the applied mathematics courses. I love teaching. Previously I taught at Fukushima University (1990 - 1998), and worked at IBM (1982 - 1990) and a Japanese company called Kuroi Electric (1977 - 1981).

I completed a BS in mathematics (emphasis on applied) in 1977 when I was 20 years old. I did my graduate study in systems science almost entirely on a part-time basis, finishing my MS in 1987 and completing further coursework while still at IBM, but did not finish my dissertation until I'd been teaching at Fukushima for a few years. I've always enjoyed being mainly a generalist, applying systems thinking and mathematical principles to many diverse subject areas and practical concerns. My studies here seem excellent preparation for someone of my interests and inclinations. 

Christopher Greene (PhD - Systems Science '01) / Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Currently I am a tenure track professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology / Packaging Science Department. I mostly teach courses in manufacturing related topics like robotics and production operations management. My research interests fall under the umbrella of continual process improvement (statistics, DOE, six sigma, lean, etc.) typically applied to real-world applications such as electronics manufacturing. Recently I have had the opportunity to work with my peers on several National Science Foundation funded grants related to engineering education.

My experience at Binghamton University within the SSIE Department allowed me to find myself academically and learn the skills that I utilize every day in my current position. I consider myself a research experimentalist. I use scientific research principles to find optimal solutions even when it comes to course preparation and delivery. The research skills I use today I was first exposed to at Binghamton in the SSIE Department. Binghamton University also gave me the opportunity to acquire technical writing skills that are a very vital part of my current position.

Muhanad Hirzallah (PhD - ISE '10) / Director of Business Applications, Mayo Clinic - Research Administrative Services

Dr. Hirzallah is the Director of Business Applications at Mayo Clinic – Research Administrative Services, where he supervises a team of business analysts and project managers to support the Mayo Integrated Research Information System (MIRIS). He also supports several process improvement initiatives. Dr. Hirzallah joined Mayo Clinic in 2006 as a Quality Improvement Advisor where he was responsible for facilitating multiple system-wide quality improvement projects, clinical and administrative, in addition to process improvement training using Lean and Six Sigma methods.

I enjoyed working with SUNY @ Binghamton on my PhD degree and appreciate the help and support that faculty has provided throughout this journey.

Ursula Marquez de Tino (PhD - ISE '09) / Sr. Staff Process Engineer, Plexus

Sr. Staff Process Engineer - I am currently the global process owner for wave soldering.

Binghamton University provided me the entrance to the world of electronic manufacturing as well as the tools to success in this industry.

Arun Shrrivats Ramasubramanian (MS ISE ' 08)

Works for Hughes Network Systems.  I have direct factory line engineering experience including process development and line support of various matured products. I have been mainly working on SMT processes such as stencil printing, SPI, pick and place machine programming.  I got real world skills at Binghamton working for Dr.Santos and taking courses with various professors. This experience helped me find a job in a very difficult market and succeed at work place without any major hassles. I highly recommend this program for any one who has a goal of finding a job after Graduate school.



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