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Resources for Prospective Students

The Watson School uses an online application system. Click here to apply.  When applying, please use the following codes to identify the ISE & SS Graduate Programs:

  • R03 MS SS
  • R07 MS ISE
  • R43 MS SS - Health Systems Concentration
  • R47 MS ISE - Health Systems Concentration
  • R53 Executive MS SS Health Systems - Manhattan
  • R57 Executive MS ISE Health Systems - Manhattan
  • ROC MS SS (4+1) Program
  • R1C MS SS (4+1) Program with Health Systems Concentration 
  • ROG MS ISE (4+1) Program
  • R1G MS ISE (4+1) Program with Health Systems Concentration
  • R27 MEng IE
  • R23 MEng SE
  • R87 PhD ISE
  • R93 PhD SS

The following are helpful links as you begin to learn more about the program and the many opportunities available to you:

Department Fact Sheets/Brochures

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 10/10/18