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Harold W. Lewis III

Harold W. Lewis III

Associate Professor

Graduate Director of Systems Science

Phone: (607) 777-4482
Fax: (607) 777-4094 
Engineering Building, S10

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2014)


  • PhD, Binghamton University, 1995

Research Interests:

  • Intelligent systems
  • Fuzzy control
  • Soft computing

Selected Publications:

Lewis, H.W., III, The Foundations of Fuzzy Control, Plenum Publishing, Corp., New York, 1997.

Lewis, H.W., III, "A Cognitive Approach to Soft Computing - Preliminary Study", The Shogaku Ronshu, 66(3), pp. 51-79, 1998.

Lewis, H.W., III and M.-C. Yang, "Neural Genetic Fuzzy Models", The Shogaku Ronshu, 66(3), pp. 1-20, 1998.

Lewis, H.W., III, "An Alternative Perspective on Fuzzy Set-based Approximate Reasoning", International J. of General Systems, 26(1-2), pp. 97-114, 1997.

Lewis, H.W., III, "Summary of Research on Approximate Reasoning and Fuzzy Control", The Shogaku Ronshu, 63(3), pp. 59-89, 1995.

Lewis, H.W., III and G.-S. Lewis, "Concerning the Role of Machine Learning in Business and Public Administration", The Shogaku Ronshu,. 63(1), pp. 35-86, 1994.

Schwartz, D., G.J. Klir, and H.W. Lewis, III, "Applications of Fuzzy Sets and Approximate Reasoning", Proc. of the IEEE (special issue on consumer electronics), 82(2), pp. 121-142, 1994.

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