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Professional and Academic Advisors

A team of people within the department and across the campus guides students in the development of their intellectual life and prepares them to contribute constructively to a world that is rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent.

Within the Department

KhasawnehMohammad Khasawneh, PhD

Professor and Department Chair


Phone: 1-607-777-4408| Fax: 1-607-777-4094

Sarah LamSarah Lam, PhD

Assistant Director for Systems Analysis and Modeling, Watson Institute for Systems Excellence


Phone: 1-607-777-4754| Fax: 1-607-777-4094

SantosDaryl Santos, PhD

Director of Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC)
Manager of Electronics Assembly Lab
Vice Provost for Diversity


Phone: 1-607-777-4769| Fax: 1-607-777-4094

Harold LewisHarold Lewis, PhD

Associate Professor


Phone: 1-607-777-4482| Fax: 1-607-777-4094


Hiroki Sayama


Associate Professor and Systems Science Graduate Director


Phone 1-607-777-3566



Thomas Koon

Thomas Koon

Lecturer, Sophomore Advisor


Phone: 1-607-777-4768| Fax: 1-607-777-4094

Peter Borgesen


Peter Borgesen, PhD

Professor, Junior Advisor


Phone: 1-607-777-4437| Fax: 1-607-777-4094


LuSusan Lu, PhD

Professor, Senior Advisor


Phone: 1-607-777-4908 | Fax: 1-607-777-4094

Within the School

Across the University

  • Career Development Center (CDC) — a great source for skills and competencies needed for career success, to explore careers and to gain professional employment or admission to graduate and professional school
  • Office of the Dean of Students — supporting students having difficulties due to reasons beyond their control, whether due to medical, emotional, situational or psychological issues. The dean can connect students to various networks of support and resources to aid in the pursuit of a successful academic career.
  • Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) — meeting the needs of entering international students, currently enrolled international students, and international scholars and alumni
  • Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) — providing a wide range of assistance to enrolled students with physical, learning or other disabilities

Last Updated: 10/10/18