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Additional Academic Programs

One-Year Graduate School Opportunities

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering, we offer opportunities for those students who meet academic criteria to obtain their graduate degree.

Combined BS and MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering (4 + 1 Program)

Combined BS and MS in Systems Science (4 + 1 Program)

The combined BS and MS degree program is available for students working towards their BS in industrial and systems engineering who have a GPA of at least 3.5 after five semesters (i.e., at the end of the fall semester in their junior year).  Based on the MS program, there may also be additional requirements.   This program typically allows the completion of the MS degree in one academic year beyond the BS degree.  Students in the combined BS and MS program receive their BS degree after completing their undergraduate requirements. The MS degree is an excellent professional credential. Students must apply for admission to the Graduate School at the beginning of the spring semester in their senior year and should consult with their academic advisors about the program.

Watson Fast-Track Masters in Business Administration Combined Degree Program

The Watson School and the School of Management cooperate to offer a combined Fast Track BS-MBA program, which allows Watson students to earn an MBA in one additional year beyond the normal four-year BS degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Interested students should apply in their junior year, and can obtain more information from the Watson Fast-Track Masters in Business Administration combined Degree Program page.


Last Updated: 8/8/16