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Undergraduate Program Curriculum

The Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) curriculum builds upon the base provided by the Watson School's freshman-year engineering program. This first-year core provides students with a broad foundation in engineering fundamentals, natural sciences and mathematics. Depth in Industrial and Systems Engineering is obtained through a series of required courses. Technical and free electives may then be used by students to customize their undergraduate experience to obtain greater breadth in engineering or specialization within Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Curriculum Structure

The curriculum begins with the common first-year curriculum of mathematics and the natural sciences required of all Watson School students and includes an introduction to the various fields of engineering in WTSN 111-112, including Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Elective courses provide you, the student, with the opportunity to customize your education to include additional exposure to other fields of engineering or to pursue specific Industrial and Systems Engineering topics in greater depth.

A two-semester, senior-level design course sequence provides a capstone experience in which you are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge and techniques acquired in the program to the solution of a real-world problem.

Your specific curriculum toward a baccalaureate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering is tied to your year of admission and is referenced as your “catalog year”.

If you are interested in learning more about the curriculum for a specific bulletin year, please contact the SSIE Department or Watson Advising. If you do not see your start year on the list, contact your SSIE Undergraduate Advisor or the Watson School Advising Office to stay on track.

The curriculum has been designed to provide strong technical preparation in ISE. You enter the BS ISE program either as a sophomore, as a transfer from another school such as community colleges or other SUNY school, or as an internal transfer.

Entering students to the program (as freshmen) are part of the Engineering Design Division. After the fundamental concepts are studied, students advance to more specialized and robust  ISE topics in our upper division courses. Beginning in the sophomore year, exploration of individual interests is encouraged through the use of technical and free electives.

The ISE curriculum is available here. Please note that prerequisites of core courses in the curriculum are strictly enforced. Please consult with your SSIE Undergraduate Advisor or the Watson School Advising Office if you have any questions.


Minors in Computer Science and Sustainability Engineering are also available.

Health Systems Engineering

You can get a glimpse into the SSIE Department’s pioneering efforts in health systems engineering by taking the related course offerings or conducting research in health care.

More information on the ISE Undergraduate Program can be obtained from the University Bulletin.

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Suggested Electives for Industrial and Systems Engineering Majors

Please work directly with your assigned SSIE Advisor regarding any questions related to technical electives.

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Student Advising

After the declaration of major in industrial and systems engineering, each student is assigned a faculty advisor who provides guidance throughout the student's stay at Binghamton. Students are assigned to faculty advisors as follows: 

If you have any questions regarding faculty advisors, contact Tracy Signs in the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering.

Additional support is also available from the Watson School Advising Office.

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Last Updated: 1/10/17