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Message from the lab's Principal Investigator

Terry DeakHello!  My name is Dr. Terrence Deak and I am the principal investigator for the Stress Research Laboratory.  If you are interested in my lab, then maybe you'd like to hear a little about how I came to this position.  Like many researchers, I began research as an undergraduate in the laboratory of Dr. Jaak Panksepp at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  At the time, many of our studies were geared toward understanding developmental aspects of social processes, an issue that has resurfaced in some of our current research.

Afterwards, I received an MA and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder under the direction of Dr. Steven Maier and Dr. Linda Watkins.  Their joint laboratory remains a highly integrative lab that addresses fundamental issues ranging from stress reactivity, to complex behavioral processes, all the way down to molecular signaling cascades involved in enhanced pain states.  During my time in Boulder, I also worked extensively with Dr. Robert Spencer and Dr. Moni Fleshner (Dept of Integrative Physiology).

After a brief period working in neurotoxicology as a contractor for the Navy, I joined the faculty here at Binghamton University in the Fall of 2001. 


1996-1999   University of Colorado, Ph.D. in Psychology (Neuroscience).
Thesis:  Neuroendocrine and immunological consequences of acute stressor exposure.
Advisors:  S.F. Maier, L.R. Watkins & R.L. Spencer
1994-1996    University of Colorado, M.A. in Psychology (Neuroscience).
Thesis:  Evidence for activation of the acute phase response following exposure to an acute stressor.
Advisors:  S.F. Maier & L.R. Watkins
1990-1994   Bowling Green State University,  B.S. in Psychology,  minor in Chemistry.
Advisor: J. Panksepp

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