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Description of Laboratory

My laboratory is located in a recently constructed, state-of-the-art research facility (Science 5) that is immediately adjacent to, and internally connected with, the main Psychology Department building (Science 4). This research facility has many shared procedural areas, including surgical and necropsy suites, freezer and equipment rooms, and a conveniently located darkroom. The animals are housed in dedicated colony rooms that are adjacent to, but separate from, procedural rooms for behavioral testing just a few feet away.

Currently, Dr. Deak’s laboratory has 5 procedural rooms assigned for experimental use. The wet-lab/biochemistry area is adjacent to the procedural rooms and was designed as a semi-private lab suite where each of 3 PIs have dedicated bench space (~400 sq ft each) in a large open area. In addition to providing excellent workflow for execution of experiments, the space was designed to effectively promote collaboration across labs, with ample sharing of equipment, knowledge, and approaches.

Directions to lab

For directions to Binghamton University, go to the University's maps and directions page.

In addition, you can find an annotated map in PDF format that illustrates the best places to park in close proximity to Science 4, where our laboratory is housed.

Last Updated: 4/29/16