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Research and Critical Inquiry Showcase

The Research and Critical Inquiry Showcase features the scholarship of students currently enrolled in courses offered by the Student Affairs Administration (SAA) graduate program. The Showcase provides students an opportunity to share and discuss their research and scholarship with audiences external to the department and offers the University community an opportunity to learn more about how these students engage scholarship. There will be a traditional poster and digital posters on display for the academic community.

2019 Best of Showcase

  • Poster 6: SAA 512_Kayla LaVoice, Mikayla Weston, and Princess Odus
  • Poster 18: SAA 516_Mikayla Weston, Jennifer Ackerman, and Anna Gilbert
  • Poster 4: SAA 516_Renae Barber, Aero MacWhinnie, and Sean Dollard
  • Poster 13: SAA 511_Mengting Lin, Yutong Jiang, and Devindi Samarakkody

All Showcase participants should feel proud of the work completed on their class projects and for creating such informative posters.

2018 Best of Showcase

Of the 28 poster entries for the event, four have been identified as Best in Showcase. The name of the awardees, along with project titles and project abstracts follow. Please join us in congratulating: 

Johanna Brozinsky and Nicole Adamo - A Look at Bing: An Environmental Audit
We explored the results of the environmental audit we conducted of the SUNY Binghamton campus, and the implications of these results. We provide limitations of our research and suggestions to improve our campus in the future based on the results.

Renae Barber and Kayla Krause - Quality of Interactions Based on Student Living
Our research project examines the relationship between the NSSE Quality of Interactions score and student living arrangement, looking at students who live on campus, in fraternity or sorority houses, within walking distance of campus, farther than walking distance, and none of the above. We used an ANOVA test to analyze our data sample and test for statistically significant differences. We present our findings visually and provide a descriptive statistical summary. We then interpret these findings as they relate to the field of student affairs and offer recommendations for practice based on existing literature.

Johanna Brozinsky, Nicole Adamo and Paige Sovey - Students with Disabilities and Mental Health Challenges
We are presenting information on college students with disabilities and the mental health issues that they face. We will also be exploring resources and accommodations that are provided on campuses. We will recommend innovative ways to help this student population manage their disabilities and mental health journey.

Alison Handy Twang - Spaces, Faces and Meaning: An Environmental Audit of Binghamton University's Campus
This poster will highlight findings from an environmental audit of Binghamton University's campus. This audit will explore physical, human aggregate and organizational aspects of campus using analysis of student interviews, photos and documents/artifacts. The poster will highlight aspects of the campus environment identified as meaningful to students and will explore how different groups of students experience and make meaning of campus in different ways. Suggestions for improvements to the campus environments and ideas for future research will also be noted.

Students earning Best of Showcase Awards will receive a one-year membership to a student affairs professional association: Association for Orientation, Transition, Retention in Higher Education (NODA), Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA), College Student Educators International (ACPA), Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I) or The Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA).

Event contact

For more information about the Research and Critical Inquiry Showcase, contact Natesha L. Smith, assistant professor of student affairs administration, at