Curriculum Requirements

The 45 minimum credit-hour program serves the needs of students who desire to pursue graduate studies in either full- or part-time formats. The curriculum includes 15 credit hours of core student affairs required coursework, a 3-credit hour research methods course, 21 credits of electives, a minimum 3-credit hour internship, and the culminating experience course: SAA 580G- New Student Affairs Professionals.

SAA students must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 and must receive a B or higher grade in all required courses to graduate. Full-time students should be able to complete the coursework in two years of study. The exact duration for part-time students will depend on how many credits they take per semester and/or if they attend classes during the summer/winter.

Required course plan for full time SAA students 

Fall I: 12 credits

  • SAA 510- 3 (only offered fall)
  • SAA 511- 3 (only offered fall)
  • SAA 515- 3 (only offered fall)
  • Elective- 3

Spring I: 12 credits

  • SAA 512- 3 (only offered spring)
  • SAA 513- 3 (only offered spring)
  • SAA 514- 3 (only offered spring)
  • Elective- 3

Fall II: 12 credits

  • SAA 595- 3 (Internship can also be completed over summer 1)
  • Elective- 3
  • Elective- 3
  • Elective- 3

Spring II: 9 credits

  • SAA 580G- 3 (only offered spring)
  • Elective- 3
  • Elective- 3

The program curriculum was designed to meet the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Professional Preparation Commission Standards. An outline of the program is as follows:

Core curriculum requirement

Student Affairs Administration

Educational Research Requirement

Other research methods courses considered with advisor approval.


Students are offered the opportunity to choose elective courses suited to their specialized academic interests from various other graduate academic departments. Many students choose to take electives through the Graduate School, the Department of Public Administration or other departments with advisor approval.

Student Affairs Administration Electives

Public Administration Elective Options