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2017 Senior Survey 

General Information

Each semester prior to the commencement ceremony, and again about six months later,  the campus surveys graduating seniors to collect information about post-graduation career plans. This information helps us to better understand the career pathways of our graduating seniors--as they help inform decisions about resources, program improvements, and trends. Some of the aggregated information is used to measure our success as noted on the SUNY Report Card, and will be available in various reporting formats.

Who will receive the survey?

Prior to commencement: All undergraduates who have declared their Spring 2017 degree candidacy by 3/24/17 will receive the initial survey.  Students enrolled in the Watson School may receive an additional survey to gather program level assessment information.

Post-commencement follow up: All undergraduates who filed their degree candidacy by 3/24/17, officially graduated (May 2017), and responded to the initial survey that they were still seeking a career destination.

Why should I participate?

Responses help shape the focus of our improvement efforts and provide us with information that is not otherwise available to us. 

Will there be repercussions based upon how I respond?

Individual responses are confidential and used only to create aggregated responses. The confidentiality of responses is protected by federal laws that prohibit usage of the information beyond basic statistical analysis.

What do you do with this information?

Aggregated responses are used to for reporting for national and program benchmarks, SUNY reporting and academic program assessment needs. This information is re-coded into an interactive data visualization that show the career pathways of our graduates. Schools and academic programs use infographics of key data points to help tell the story of the career pathways of our most recent graduates. Parents, incoming and current students have found this information helpful as they explore career-related opportunities.

Should you have any questions or concerns about participation in this survey, you may email


Last Updated: 4/15/19