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Student Affairs Diversity Initiatives

One of our goals within our Division and across campus is to cultivate an environment where all students are seen, valued and heard. We strive to create a "home away from home" for our students, acknowledge and embrace similarities and differences, and create programming that promotes diversity in thought, perspective and experiences under the leadership of our Divisional Diversity Officer, Ada Robinson-Perez. Ada leads two groups as apart of her role: Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Initiative and Conscious Conversations Committee.

Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Initiative (SADDI)

The Divisional Diversity Committee for Student Affairs created the SADDI (Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Initiative) Grant Application in an effort to streamline roadmap funding through a process that allows divisional offices to compete for funds supporting innovative programming that promote diversity and aid in retention initiatives for current students. The new grant application form and instructions can be found here.

Divisional Diversity Committee:

  • Randall Edouard, Dean of Students
  • Anne Lewis, Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Barrett Brenton, Center for Civic Engagement
  • Jazmine Powell, TRIO/Student Support Services
  • Marissa Zelman, TRIO/Student Support Services

Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations provides a safe space for faculty and staff across the division to come together to discuss current "hot topics" in media, on campus, or otherwise identified to have a current or potential impact on the campus community as a whole. The purpose is to encourage open and free dialogue to promote understanding across all lines.

The goals for the lunches are to:

  • discuss issues related to inclusion
  • bring staff members together to exchange ideas and examine best practices related to diversity in Higher Education
  • discuss current social justice initiatives
  • find allies, support others and participate in self-care

Conscious Conversations Committee:

  • Steve Rebello, TRIO/Student Support Services
  • Erin Cody, Harpur Edge
  • Erin Kentos, Office of Student Conduct
  • Gabe Osterhout, Health Promotion and Prevention Services
  • Arlene Arisme, University Counseling Center

Last Updated: 4/29/20