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Broome County HEARS January Newsletter

Broome County Higher Education Access Retention and Success

“Through multi-institutional partnership, Broome County HEARS facilitates mentorship, tutoring and community engagement, collectively creating a pathway for adults to further their education, empower themselves and promote social equity."

Community Conversation

2017 Re-cap
BC HEARS had many meaningful experiences during 2017 as we expanded our knowledge about the county, strengthened bonds with the community and created strategic partnerships. Our efforts on building a strong pathway towards equal access to education and degree attainment, was continuously motivated by the inspiring stories of many Broome County residents during the different activities that were provided by our program.
We learned about the various definitions and significances of education in people's life. For some, education meant freedom as it allows you to "be able to express yourself –and- be better understood by others. It also gives us an opportunity to expand our mental limits, emotional consciousness, and brings people closer together by allowing us to see and understand each other's point of view" (January; 2017). For others, education "is behind everything that has improved our world" (August; 2017) and "it is helpful for people to achieve their goals" (April; 2017).
Our team also supported local initiatives that provided educational experiences for all ages including Family Fun Nights, job fairs, festivals for each season and University/college civic engagement opportunities. We took a special interest in enhancing computer, reading and writing skills, and opened new related programs at the Walnut St Community Center. HEARS also partnered to promote educational experiences for children, that strived to create a safe and supported learning environment for the entire family.
Alongside HEARS new endeavors, the team continued its work with those community members who were ready and interested in going back to school. BC HEARS provided personalized assistance to an important number of Broome County residents that went back to college to pursue their Associate's degree, to Binghamton University (BU) to finish their BA, or that needed to enroll in a TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) class in order to get their High School Equivalency degree. With the help and support of BU students, most of HEARS participants were able to access tutoring for testing and facilitate their process towards personal educational goals.
For BC HEARS it is just the beginning! We are looking forward into 2018 to continue growing and learning with our community. Our society will become stronger as we work together, understand each other and build an altogether effort to improve our quality of life. Education is fundamental to achieve such a dream and we invite you to walk this pathway with us.


BC HEARS in the Zone


BC HEARS team. From left to right: Lucy Friend –administrative assistance-, Liz Carter –Director-, Erin Marulli –Assistant Director-, Lucia Pfizenmaier –Student Success Coordinator- and Cory Rusin –Student Success Coordinator-


Good to know!

 The Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC)
is New York States higher education student financial aid
agency. Their mission is to help people pay for college.

Their offer includes the following:

  • New York's Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
  • 20 State scholarship, award and loan forgiveness programs
  • College Access Challenge Grant (CACG) Program and other federal grant programs.
  • New York's 529 College Savings Program, with the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC)
  • Financial aid outreach programs for students and families

If you are interested in learning more, you can go to and see if there is an option that would tailor to your interest and educational goals. If you have any questions or would like help to navigate this possibility, contact BC HEARS' Student Success Coordinators!

From the BC HEARS Intern:

My name is Michael Lipere and I am a senior at Binghamton University majoring in sociology. This is my first semester interning with BC HEARS and I have been assisting a teacher at the alternative high school in Binghamton. I am glad I have had the opportunity to be involved with the BC HEARS program. This is one of my first experiences being on the teaching side and not being a student in a classroom. This has allowed me to have a different perspective when it comes to connecting with people. Teachers and students work together to learn and it is not a one sided process of learning that takes place. Tutoring with BC HEARS has continued to open my eyes to the reality of learning which is the process of connecting. A teacher must be able to connect to their students to teach and students must be able to connect to their teacher to learn. Assisting at the alternative high school has allowed me to see this process unfold and I have been able to see how a teacher is able to connected with all of her students. BC HEARS is an important and necessary program that helps the Binghamton community continue to grow and progress. I recommend any student interested in interning, volunteering and assisting the community to get involved with BC HEARS. – Michael Lipere, BC HEARS intern

Last Updated: 1/31/18