Reverse Transfers

If you attended a SUNY community college for a number of credits and then transferred to Binghamton University without officially graduating from the community college, you may be eligible to receive an Associate degree! The process is fairly simple and can be explained by a Broome County HEARS coordinator.

If you wish to apply for a reverse transfer from your community college, fill out the reverse transfer application.

Benefits of Reverse Transfer

There are several benefits to participating in the reverse transfer process.

  1. Reversing your credits to receive the Associate guarantees you a degree in the event that you do not finish your Bachelor's.
  2. Obtaining an Associate degree can provide you leverage if you want to work at a community college in the future because you have the experience of attending a community college.
  3. Serves as a motivator to complete your Bachelor's. According to Katie High, UT vice president for academic affairs and student success, "community college transfer students who collect their associate degree have graduation rates that are 10 percent higher at four-year colleges than those who don’t" (Associated Press, 2014).