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Adult Empowerment Series

Binghamton-Broome Anti-Poverty Initiative (BBAPI)

Adult Empowerment Series

Would you like to learn the skills you need to join the workforce, while creating an impact in your community?

BC HEARS' Adult Empowerment Series engages Binghamton residents in an exploration process of themselves and their local community. The Series provides participants with increased skills in leadership, teamwork, program planning, project implementation, and evaluation practices as they work together to create a local community service project. The skills gained will allow participants to clearly set education, employment, and community participation goals for themselves.

Sessions include topics on technology, budgeting, evaluation, social/political participation, creativity, and community exploration, etc. 

Each session is 1.5 hours in length and provides opportunities to engage with other community members, community representatives, and local organizations.

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The Binghamton-Broome Anti-Poverty Initiative (BBAPI) is a community-driven effort to break the cycle of poverty in Broome County. By applying the Collective Impact framework to first explore, then address the root causes of poverty, BBAPI focuses on creating systems-level social change to find solutions to the immediate and long-term barriers affecting individuals impacted by poverty. With a systems-change approach, BBAPI will work to empower individuals and families and create vibrant neighborhoods, where residents feel safe and will live healthy financially-stable lives.

To learn more about BBAPI, click here.

Last Updated: 8/29/18